Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019Suzanna Andler (WT)Feature FilmMichel [L]
    2018Sympathy for the DevilFeature FilmPaul Marchand [L]
    2018RevenirFeature FilmThomas [L]
    2018A Brother's LoveFeature FilmAlex [SR]
    2018SibylFeature FilmGabriel [SR]
    2017Ad VitamTV Series, arteVirgil Berti dit Caron [SS]
    2017An Impossible LoveFeature FilmPhilippe [L]
    2016PolinaFeature FilmAdrien [L]
    2015Sleeping BeautyFeature FilmPrince Egon [L]
    2013Gemma BoveryFeature FilmHervé de Bressigny [SR]
    2012You and the NightFeature FilmMatthias [L]
    2011DésordresFeature FilmThibault [L]