Fabienne Guicheneuy, location scout, Paris
  • Location scout


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    About Fabienne Guicheneuy

    Location scout based in Paris and South West of France ( near Biarritz)
    Working all over the French territory .
    Fluent english

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish French Italian Spanish
    Experience abroadCentral America: Caribbean
    Eastern Europe: Rumania
    Special skillsphotography
    location management
    moto driving
    LicencesA1 (motorcycle) [eu], B (car) [eu]
    Educationdegree in american and english litterature and civilization
    Immediate working areaParis
    1st residence (federal state or country)France - Île-de-France
    2nd residence (if applicable)Dax ( 40100)
    Accommodation possibilitiesBayonne, Marseille