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Bundestag - Demokratie als Arbeit

  • Bundestag (Working title)
Documentary | 2017-2020 | Docu | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting24/10/2017
End of shooting30/06/2018
Number of shooting days30
Filming regionsEast Germany

Brief synopsis

The German Bundestag (parliament) is the political heart of the Federal Republic of Germany – a highly symbolic place loaded with expectations. We accompany four members of the Bundestag through their everyday routines, plunging in at eye level. The documentary Bundestag shows how politics is done today, how complex the processes and formalities behind the scenes are – a closer look at this “center of power”.


ColoristChristine Hiam
Director of photographyMoritz Friese
Director of photographySebastian Fremder
DirectorHendrik Reichel
EditorZubin Sethna
ProducerGunter Hanfgarn
ProducerNicole Schink
Line producerMyriam Eichler
Sound designerLorenz Fischer


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyrbb [de]Wednesday, 08/09/2021, 11.45 PM