• DEAD MAN WORKING aktuell in der ARD Mediathek verfügbar
    DAED MAN WORKING is available in the ARD Mediathek until March 7, 2021.

    Director: Marc Bauder - Director of Photography: Börres Weiffenbach

    with Wolfram Koch, Benjamin Lillie, Jördis Triebel, Manfred Zapatka, Jenny Schily, Alma Leiberg, Bernhard Schütz and many others

    The high-ranking investment banker Jochen Walther is at the peak of his career at the "Bank der Deutschen". Together with his personal assistant Tom Slezak, he has just brokered the deal of a lifetime when, on the night of the victory celebration, he jumps from the roof of the bank's headquarters in Frankfurt to everyone's surprise. Was it suicide or even murder?
  • The Hessian Film Award in the category documentary film goes to WER WIR WAREN
    WHO WERE WE WERE awarded the Hessian Film Prize 2020 in the category documentary film.

    The jury writes: Whether on the roof of the world, in the depths of the ocean and the human brain, up to the G20 summit and the heart of the international space station ISS: WHO WE WERE shows people who have dedicated themselves to the task of grasping the manifold and constantly changing challenges of our existence and, in the face of many doubts, to tackle the seemingly impossible: to save the world.

    A dramaturgically and visually compelling journey: Marc Bauder finds impressive images for the great questions of our existence in his documentary film. The result is a cinematic documentary film liberated from regional limitations and a focus on the immediate events of the day, which also convinces through its strong characters and, despite all its complexity, never leaves the audience without hope.

    Inspired by Roger Willemsen's eponymous essay on the future, WHO WE WERE is a documentary film that impressively demonstrates to its viewers not only their responsibility for the future, but also their creative possibilities.
  • who we were
    WHO WE WERE is celebrating its world premiere as part of the "Berlinale Special" series of the 71st Berlin International Film Festival.

    “We were the ones who knew, but did not understand, full of information but lacking insight, brimming with knowledge, but lacking experience. So we just kept forging ahead, unstopped by ourselves.” (Roger Willemsen)

    What will future generations think of us in a historical context? In the spirit of Willemsen's legacy, will they look back on us with despair? The film WHO WE WERE observes the current state of the world, accompanied by six intellectuals and scientists who reflect on the present and postulate about the future.

    Producer, director and writer Marc Bauder (European Film Prize 2014) follows his charismatic protagonists into the depths of the ocean, to the top of the world, and out into the far reaches of space. Together, they explore the incredible capabilities of the human brain, a global economic summit, the legacy of colonisation, and the feelings of a robot.

    This inspiring look at our world offers a hopeful message for us all: Who we are is in our own hands, if we recognise our connectedness, our commonality, and the meaning of 'we'.

About Börres Weiffenbach

Director of Photography for scenic and documentary productions, awarded with numerous prizes. Among them are the Grimme Prize and the German Camera Prize twice each. Films photographed by Weiffenbach have received the European Film Prize, three times the Bavarian Film Prize and have been represented at national and international film festivals.

Lecturer for artistic image design (among others at the dffb Berlin)
Camera workshop digital cinematography, 16mm and 35mm cinefilm and many more

Known for

Non-fictional projects as director of photography

2021Ein Traum von Revolution (WT)Documentary FeaturePetra HoffmannHope Medien Film und Fernsehproduktion [de]
2020Who we wereDocumentary FeatureMarc BauderBauderfilm [de]
2020Stolz auf dichShort DocumentaryJens SchanzeMascha Film GbR [de]
2019Heimat is a Space in Time
1 DT für 24h Berlin (Ostkreuz)
Documentary FeatureThomas Filmproduktions GmbH [de]1 DT für 24h Berlin (Ostkreuz)
2018Body of TruthDocumentary FeatureEvelyn SchelsIndi Film GmbH [de]
2018Scala Adieu - Von Windeln verwehtDocumentary FeatureDouglas WolfspergerDouglas Wolfsperger Filmproduktion
2018On the Fault-Line - Beekeepers in MecklenburgDocumentaryAnne AndersenAnne Andersen Film [de]
2018Behind the HeadlinesDocumentaryDaniel SagerBauderfilm [de]
2017Melodie Raum 222 (WT)Documentary, ZDF [de]Anton PichlerZischlermann Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
2017Sympathisanten - Unser Deutscher HerbstDocumentary FeatureFelix MoellerBlueprint Film GmbH [de]
2017Searching for Ingmar BergmanDocumentary FeatureMultipleC-Films (Deutschland) GmbH
2016The ConferenceDocumentary FeatureFilip Antoni MalinowskiSoleil Film GmbH [at]
2015The Golan SwimminpoolDocumentary FeatureEsther ZimmeringZischlermann Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
2014Was bleibt? Das Prinzip Apfelbaum
Regie nur bei den Dreharbeiten
Short DocumentaryBörres WeiffenbachDFC Deutsche Fundraising Company GmbH [de]Regie nur bei den Dreharbeiten
2014The Price of ParadiseDocumentary FeatureBettina BorgfeldFilmtank GmbH [de]
2013The AuditionDocumentary Feature, ZDF [de]Till HarmsFlare Film GmbH [de]
2013The Good Life
Börres Weiffenbach
Documentary FeatureJens SchanzeMascha Film GbR [de]Börres Weiffenbach
2013Master of the UniverseDocumentary Feature, arte, HR [de], SWR [de]Marc BauderBauderfilm [de]
2013Beyond Punishment
4 Drehtage in Berlin
DocumentaryHubertus SiegertS.U.M.O. Film4 Drehtage in Berlin
2012Miles and War
Sudan 2010
DocumentaryAnne ThomaT & C Film AG [ch]Sudan 2010

Shows/Live/Events as director of photography

2004Friss oder Stirb - Die TV-Show der Toten HosenTV-Show, MTVStefan KloosKloos & Co. Medien GmbH

Fictional projects in other activities

2010EckliebShort FilmMarcela BraakFilmarche Berlin e.V.gaffer
2002Inas GeburtstagShort FilmAndré Bergeltambel astgaffer

Non-fictional projects in other activities

2014Was bleibt? Das Prinzip ApfelbaumShort DocumentaryBörres WeiffenbachDFC Deutsche Fundraising Company GmbH [de]director
2005Full Metal VillageDocumentarySung Hyung ChoFlying Moon Filmproduktion GmbH [de]2nd unit dop (4 DT während dem Festival)

Film awards

2017The Good LifeRobert Geisendörfer PreisKameraWinner
2017Dead Man WorkingGrimme PreisFiktionWinner
2017Dead Man WorkingDeutscher KamerapreisFernsehfilm (Kamera)Winner
2014Master of the UniversePreis der deutschen Filmkritik 2013KameraNominated
2012Raising ResistanceDeutscher Kamerapreis 2012Dokumentarfilm / DokumentationNominated
2007Full Metal Villagenew berlin film award / Achtung BerlinBeste KameraWinner
2006End of a Journey - The Last Slovak TinkersDeutscher KamerapreisBeste Kamera - DokuNominated
2002Waste LandDeutscher KamerapreisFörderpreis Kamera Dokumentation/KulturfilmWinner
2002Waste LandGrimme-PreisInformation & KulturWinner
2002Waste LandBayerischer FernsehpreisDokumentarfilmWinner
2002Waste LandSehsüchte Internationales StudentenfilmfestBester DokumentarfilmWinner
2002Waste LandDeutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis2. PreisWinner

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish French Italian
Experience abroadMiddle East: Israel
North Africa: Sudan, Tunisia
North America: USA
East Africa: Kenya
East Asia: Japan
Eastern Europe: Albania, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay
Southern Europe: Canary Islands, Italy, Malta, Portugal
Southeast Asia: Nepal
West Africa: Senegal
Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, England, France, Ireland, United Kingdom
Central Asia: Kazakhstan
LicencesC1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], International Press Card, Media (I) Visa (Journalist Visa for USA) [us], Press Card [de]
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Saxony-Anhalt
Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin