Scala Adieu - Von Windeln verweht

  • Die schönste Stadt der Welt (aka Scala Projekt) (Working title)
Documentary Feature | 2016-2018 | Culture, Economy, Society | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting24/02/2016
End of shooting24/11/2017

Project data

Brief synopsis

Scala Adieu - blown away by diapers

A city, a cinema and a farewell will.
In Konstanz on Lake Constance, the fifth urban branch of Europe's largest drugstore chain opened in 2017: even more diapers, even more toothpaste for local residents and consumer tourists from neighboring Switzerland. Until 2016, the premises were reserved for film culture, because this is where the "Scala Filmpalast" resided. When Douglas Wolfsperger visits the magical place of his own cinema socialization, the civil protest against the imminent closure is still in full swing. The filmmaker witnesses the dying up of a dying cinematic cinema, talks to fervent film enthusiasts and sober city administrators about shrinkage and expansion, lust and trade gains, opaque interests and favorable business conditions. Inner cities and cultural concepts are transformed - in Konstanz and elsewhere. But who determines in what and for whom?


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Prof.Dr.Christoph NixHimself [L]
Monika RinikerHerself [L]
Douglas WolfspergerHimself [L]
Eva MattesHerself [GS]


Production accountantJörg Langer
ColoristAdán Venedi
Director of photographyFrank Amann
Director of photographyBörres Weiffenbach
Director of photographyMatthias Schellenberg
Director of photographyKai Lehmann
Additional photographyJohannes LaidlerRED
Additional photographyDavid Gräber
Still photographerPatrick Pfeiffer [1]5 Drehtage
DirectorDouglas Wolfsperger
1st AD (local system)David Gräber
EditorKatharina Schmidt
Additional editorAnnette Muff
Assistant editorDavid Gräber
Dramaturgical editing advisorFrank Brummundt
ComposerMichael Lauterbach [1]
ProducerDouglas Wolfsperger
Assistant-/ junior-producerKathrin Phoenix
Assistant production managerRuth Woelpert
2nd assistant production managerKathrin Phoenix
PA internJames WaterPostproduktion
Production sound mixerMarcus Vetter
Production sound mixerJürgen Haller
Production sound mixerTorsten Lenk
Sound re-recording mixerFlorian BeckDIE BASIS Berlin
Sound designerDaniel Weis
Video-producerKathrin Phoenix
ResearchRuth Woelpert
Subtitle editorKathrin Phoenix
Marketing, public relationFelix Neunzerling

Production companies

Douglas Wolfsperger Filmproduktion

Distributing companies

Wilder Süden Filmverleih [de]


Sound (Postproduction)BASIS Berlin Postproduktion GmbH


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Douglas Wolfsperger2018Int. Hofer Filmtage [de]DokumentarfilmNominated
Douglas Wolfsperger2018Biberacher Filmfestspiele [de]Beste DokumentationWinner
Douglas Wolfsperger2018Filmschau Baden-Württemberg [de]Nominated


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 21/03/2019