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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023NeumattTV Series, SRF [ch]1st assistant camera
    2023TschuggerTV Series, SRF [ch]1st assistant camera
    2023Davos 1917Limited series, ARD [de], Degeto [de], SRF [ch]1st assistant camera
    2023Wernli - SauwetterliCommercial1st assistant camera
    2021Bally - Autumn/Winter 2021Commercial1st assistant camera
    2021Tatort - SchattenkinderTV-Movie (Series), SRF [ch]1st assistant camera
    2021Tatort - Risiken mit NebenwirkungenTV-Movie (Series), SRF [ch]1st assistant camera
    2020Pan liebt EchoShort Film1st assistant camera
    2019Caged BirdsFeature Film1st assistant camera
    2019Amen Saleikum - Fröhliche WeihnachtenTV Movie, SRF [ch]1st assistant camera
    2018Tatort - AusgezähltTV-Movie (Series), SRF [ch]1st assistant camera
    2018Paradise War - The Story of Bruno ManserFeature Film1st assistant camera
    2018Burried Truth
    Ronin 2
    TV Series, SRF 1 [ch]1st assistant cameraRonin 2
    Focus Puller
    Independent Feature Film1st assistant cameraFocus Puller
    2017Der Bestatter
    2. Block
    TV Series, SRF [ch]1st assistant camera2. Block
    2017MarioFeature Film1st assistant camera
    focus puller
    TV Movie, SRF [ch]1st assistant camerafocus puller
    2017Burried Truth
    3.2 Weeks
    TV Series, SRF 1 [ch]1st assistant camera3.2 Weeks
    2016Axa - Sicher durch den Winter (Webfilm)Commercial1st assistant camera
    2016McDonald's - The McRattle Bear vs. René McChutney Cheese Schudel (4 Spots)Commercial1st assistant camera