35 Shots of Rum

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    Feature Film | 2007-2008 | Drama | France, Germany

    Shooting data

    Start of shooting29/10/2007
    End of shooting30/11/2007

    Project data

    Length of movie100 min.


    Brief synopsis

    Lionel is a train driver on Paris’s rapid-transit rail network. He has been raising his daughter, Joséphine, alone ever since she was a little girl. She has now grown into a young woman. They live side by side, a little bit like a couple, refusing the advances and cares of others. For Lionel, only his daughter counts, and for Joséphine, it’s her father who is the most important person in the world.
    Little by little, Lionel realizes that time is passing by, even for them. The time to leave each other is perhaps approaching.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Alex DescasLionel [L]
    Mati DiopJoséphine [L]
    Nicole DoguéGabrielle [L]
    Grégoire ColinNoé [L]
    Ingrid CavenThe aunt [GS]
    Adèle Adobar owner [SR]
    Jean-Christophe FollyRuben [SR]


    Production accountantUlrike Bojahr
    1st ADPierre Sénélas
    Director of photographyAgnès Godard
    Casting directorNicolas Lublin
    Costume designerJudy Shrewsbury
    DirectorClaire Denis
    Script supervisorZoé Zurstrassen
    EditorNelly Quettier
    EditorGuy Lecorne
    Camera car driverMatthias Gelhausen
    Camera car driverClaus Gerling
    GafferJean-Pierre Baronski
    Lighting technician / electricianPeter ZeitnerDeutschland
    Makeup artist / hair stylistDanièle Vuarin
    ProducerBruno Pésery
    Co-producerClaudia Steffen
    Co-producerKarl Baumgartner [1]
    Assistant to producerJohannes HirschCo-Produktion mit Pandora Film
    Assistant production designerClaudia Hellwich
    Art directorArnaud de Moléron
    Location scoutOlaf Lehmann
    Location scoutJan ZigullaHamburg / Lübeck
    Location scoutAntónio Correia
    Production managerBenoît Pilot
    Production managerAngela KrabbeDeutschland
    Assistant production managerJohannes Hirsch
    Assistant production managerBarbara RotheLübeck
    Unit managerCristobal Matheron
    Location managerMissy (Selinde) RamseyDeutschland/Locationmanagement
    Set manager/ floor managerStephan RadunzLübeck
    Set runnerPhillip Hüttmannund Produktionsfahrer
    Production driverStephan Radunz
    ScreenwriterClaire Denis
    ScreenwriterJean-Pol Fargeau
    Production sound mixerMartin Boissau
    Sound re-recording mixerDominique Hennequin
    Sound editorChristophe Winding

    Distributing companies

    Elle Driver [fr]International Sales
    Wild Bunch [fr]France (theatrical)


    GripCamCruiser HamburgKamerafahrzeuge / Fahraufnahmen
    Film StockKodak GmbH [de]
    Production ServicesOnkel Toms HütteCatering Deutschland


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 18/02/2009