Projects saved at Crew United

    2020The EddyTV Series, Netflixeditor
    2018Twice Upon a TimeLimited series, arteeditor
    2017High LifeFeature Filmeditor
    2017To the Ends of the WorldFeature Filmeditor
    2017Bright Sunshine InFeature Filmeditor
    2017Le Rire de ma mèreFeature Filmadditional editor
    2013The French MinisterFeature Filmeditor
    2012The NunFeature Filmeditor
    201117 fillesFeature Filmeditor
    200735 Shots of RumFeature Filmeditor
    2004Les EnfantsFeature Filmeditor
    2003San AntonioFeature Filmeditor
    1999Thanks for the GestureFeature Filmeditor
    1998HumanityFeature Filmeditor
    1997ArtemisiaFeature Filmeditor