Imagefilm | 2009 | Deutschland




    t’s dark and it’s late at night as we enter an undisclosed, secret location. Suddenly a racing car appears to come to life. The RB5 activates a radio, a F1 preview is on. The voice of Sebastian Vettel leads the car to dream and reflect on its experiences to date. Around the car, in mid-air, swirl thoughts, images and impressions of its manufacture at Red Bull Technology’s Factory; the memories of the initial meeting of car and driver; that debut lap on the track and the first action-packed race with its Red Bull F1 competitor, Scuderia Toro Rosso’s STR4. A unique experience from the perspective of the RB5, this clip offers rare pictures of the genesis of a racing car, the team’s interaction, the emotional components between driver and car as well as the anticipation of an enthralling new Formula One season: it’s time to go racing again.

    MusikKomponist Andrej Melita
    RegieRegisseurPeter Clausen
    Ton-PostproduktionSounddesigner Heiko Müller


     Peter Clausen Film & TV


    Geschäftsbereich FirmaAnmerkung
    VFX / PostproduktionTon (Postproduktion) Wavefront Studios GmbH