Kinospielfilm | 2016-2017 | Drama | Argentinien, Deutschland, Frankreich, Polen


Malena (Bárbara Lennie), a doctor, is overjoyed when she learns that the woman whose child she intends to adopt is due to give birth soon. But after she travels from Buenos Aires to be present for the occasion, it becomes clear that the process will not be a smooth one — the biological mother's family suddenly demands an extra $10,000. Urged by both the doctor at the clinic and a lawyer, Malena enlists the help of her estranged husband Mariano (Claudio Tolcachir), who has been hesitant to adopt a child under the couple's current circumstances. Through their experiences, Lerman exposes a legally and morally ambiguous system sustained by the complicity of medical and legal professionals.

Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Bárbara LennieMalena [HR]
Daniel AraozCostas [HR]
Claudio TolcachirMariano [HR]
Yanina ÁvilaMarcela [NR]
Paula CohenDra. Pernía [NR]


Finanzen, Recht und VersicherungMarsh GmbH
Diego Lerman2017TIFF Toronto Film Festival [ca]Contemporary World Cinemanominiert
Diego Lerman2017San Sebastian Int. Filmfestival [es]Jury Prize for Best Screenplaygewonnen
María Meira2017San Sebastian Int. Filmfestival [es]Jury Prize for Best Screenplaygewonnen