Kinospielfilm | 2020 | Drama | Deutschland
Das Projekt "Shake Your Cares Away" ist redaktionell abgenommen, wird aber weiterhin von unserer Redaktion regelmäßig überprüft, vervollständigt und bis zur Veröffentlichung begleitet. Bitte melden Sie uns fehlende, falsche bzw. nicht mehr aktuelle Daten.


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    After losing her husband Noah – one of the richest men in the Middle East – in a car accident, the lonely Alma moves into his villa. A short while later, she meets homeless Marina and invites her into the huge villa as a permanent guest. Her brother Julian and also Noah’s son don’t approve of her actions, but that doesn’t stop her from helping people. She decides to transform the villa into a home for refugees and people in need. Alma is determined to put all her craft, money and energy into building an utopic world for herself and all of the people surrounding her.


    Green Productions [il]
    One Two Films