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Betty - They Say I'm Different

  • Betty Davis - The Queen of Funk (German title)
Documentary Feature | 2016-2017 | Music, Portrait | France, Great Britain

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Length of movie53 Min.


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Brief synopsis

Die Amerikanerin Betty Davis wird seit Jahren als visionäre Funk- und Soulpionierin gefeiert. Sie revolutionierte das Frauenbild der 70er Jahre, heiratete Miles Davis und schrieb Songs für die größten Bands ihrer Zeit. Ihre ersten drei Platten wurden Kult, dann blieb der kommerzielle Erfolg aus. In den 80er Jahren verschwand sie plötzlich von der Bildfläche ...

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Betty Mabry Davis is known for her outsized life, fashion and music in 1970s America — but her raunchy lyrics and explosive stage energy clashed with the race and gender stereotypes of her time, leading the NAACP and black middle class to object to her music and boycott her performances. This film will discover a very private Betty who fought to keep her integrity as a woman and songwriter, choosing to vanish from the music scene rather than compromise her creativity. Now living quietly in the same steel town where she spent her childhood, Betty, for reasons that this film will reveal for the first time, chose to vanish from the limelight for three decades, cutting herself off from everyone in her past. As the film unveils Betty’s childhood, as well as the isolative years of her post-career life, we will explore themes of poverty and illness and how she rose above them, all rendered with a sensitivity that honors our subject.

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Diverse Voice Over [SR]Stephan Wolf-Schönburg


directorPhil Cox
editorEsteban Uyarra
producerLaurent Mini
producerDamon Smith
producerGiovanna Stopponi
screenwriterPhil Cox

Production companies

Native Voice Films [uk]
La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse [fr]
Arte [de/fr]France / in association


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First showingGermanyarteFriday, 09.03.2018