Feature Film | 2012-2013 | Comedy | France


Brief synopsis

It's the story of four buddies, four French pals: The Greek (oesteopath), Fifi (who lives with his mother, concierge), Fortuné (a West Indian who works at Cogex), and Freddy (big-time gambler). They constantly hang out at Le Balto, a Parisian betting agency. Tired of losing the little they've got, they want to stop playing the horses... But, as the well-known race betting saying goes, "a loss today predicts a win tomorrow," and luck finally strikes.
Luck which comes in the guise of a great shark, a legendary gambler, known by everyone at all the racetracks and by all bettors... and by the Vice Squad: Monsieur Paul. This "gentleman" now back in the game and proposes that the four pals purchase Torpille, a crack horse, in reality an old nag. Given that they are four, they decide to buy a leg each!
The Balto gang then enters the rarefied world of horse owners, the scams of millionnaires at racetracks from Auteuil to Monte-Carlo.
Will they triumph or lose everything, even their friendship? The horses better get trotting!


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Alain ChabatThe Greek [L]
Édouard BaerFreddy [L]
Lucien Jean-BaptisteFortuné [L]
Philippe DuquesneFifi [L]
Vahina GiocanteBanette [SR]
Sergi LópezM. Delgado [SR]
Gérard DepardieuM. Paul [SR]
Helena NoguerraChristine [SR]
Nozha KhouadraMonique [SR]
Abbès ZahmaniMaurice [SR]
Marthe VillalongaMadame Garcia [SR]
Charles GérardCasquette [SR]
Peggy LerayClaire [SR]
Xavier BeauvoisCommissaire Dubiton [SR]
Alexis MoncorgéBelin [SR]
Gabrielle AtgerIngrid [SR]
Alex LutzLe baron de Sonneville [SR]
Valéry ZeitounMonsieur Beretta [SR]
Pierre MénèsInvité plateau télé [SR]
Jérôme CommandeurJean Bruno [SR]
Cristiana RéaliLa femme élégante [SR]
Nanou GarciaMadame Marquez [SR]
Victoria OlloquiSandra [SR]
Marie BrocheBarbara [SR]


Post production supervisorBernard Seitz
Director of photographyJérôme Robert
Camera operatorRoberto De Angelis [1]
1st assistant cameraAntony Diaz
1st assistant cameraMaud Lemaistre
Video assist/playback operatorNicolas Diaz
Still photographerAlain Guizard
Still photographerDaniel Angeli
Casting directorGérard Moulévrier
Costume designerJacqueline Bouchard
DirectorFabien Onteniente
Script supervisorFrançoise Thouvenot
EditorBéatrice Herminie
Key gripVincent Blasco
ComposerFrédéric Botton
ComposerJean-Yves d'Angelo
ProducerAlain Chabat
ProducerFlorian Genetet-Morel
ProducerJérôme Seydoux
Production designerJacques Rouxel
Construction coordinatorJacky Hardouin
Scenic painterCharua Wilfrid
Production managerBruno Vatin
Assistant location managerChristophe Guillerault
Stage Manager Horses
Stage Manager Horses
ScreenwriterPierre Bénichou
ScreenwriterFabien Onteniente
ScreenwriterEmmanuel Booz
ScreenwriterPhilippe Guillard
Production sound mixerPaul Lainé
Sound re-recording mixerJoël Rangon

Production companies

Pathé [fr]
Chez Wam [fr]
line producer
line producer
Scope Pictures [be]
TF1 Films Production [fr]

Distributing companies

Pathé [fr]


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 13/02/2013