Projects saved at Crew United

    2020ValeskaFeature FilmKoproduktion
    2019AnnetteFeature Filmco-production
    2019Valses de VienneFeature Film
    2019Chambre 212 / On a Magical NightFeature Filmco-production
    2018Alice et le maire / Alice and the MayorFeature Filmco-production
    2018Bergman IslandFeature Film
    2018Les héros ne meurent jamais / Heroes don't dieFeature Film
    2018Un monde plus grand (aka Mon initiation chez les chamanes)Feature Filmco-production
    2018Le Mystère Henri PickFeature Filmco-production
    2018Grâce à Dieu / By the Grace of GodFeature Filmco-production
    2018La Lutte des classesFeature Filmco-production
    2018Fête de famille (aka L'amour, l'amour, l'amour, Joyeux anniversaire)Feature Filmco-production
    2018ChamboultoutFeature Film
    2018SibylFeature Filmco-production
    2018The Spy (aka Spionen)Feature Film
    2017Une jeunesse doréeFeature Filmco-production
    2017L’Empereur de ParisFeature Filmco-production
    2017C'est ça l'amour / Real LoveFeature Film
    2017EvaFeature Filmco-production
    2017The InsultFeature Film