Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Once Upon a Time in HollywoodFeature FilmCliff Booth [L]Tobias Meister
    2016Blade Runner 2049Feature FilmFile Clerk [SR]Tobias Meister
    2016Spider-Man - HomecomingFeature FilmTony Stark / Iron Man [L]Tobias Meister
    2016Designated SurvivorTV Series, NetflixTom Kirkman [SS]Tobias Meister
    2016AlliedFeature FilmMax Vatan [L]Tobias Meister
    2015War MachineTV MovieGen. Stanley A. McChrystal [L]Tobias Meister
    2015Captain America: Civil WarFeature FilmTony Stark / Iron Man [L]Tobias Meister
    2015RootsTV SeriesFiddler [SS]Tobias Meister
    2015ArrivalFeature FilmColonel G. T. Weber [L]Tobias Meister
    2014By The SeaFeature FilmRoland [L]Tobias Meister
    201424 - Live Another DayTV Series, CBS [us], FOX [us]Jack Bauer [SS]Tobias Meister
    2014Avengers: Age of UltronFeature FilmTony Stark / Iron Man [L]Tobias Meister
    2013FuryFeature FilmWardaddy [L]Tobias Meister
    2013The CounselorFeature FilmWestray [L]Tobias Meister
    2013The ButlerFeature FilmCecil Gaines [L]Tobias Meister
    2011TouchTV Series, FOX [us]Martin Bohm [SS]Tobias Meister
    2011World War ZFeature FilmGerry Lane [L]Tobias Meister
    2010MelancholiaFeature FilmJohn [SR]Tobias Meister
    2010This Must Be The PlaceFeature FilmCheyenne [L]Tobias Meister
    2009Planet USAIndie Feature FilmMjr. George Conrad [L]Tobias Meister