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Indie Feature Film | 2017-2019 | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting06.01.2017
End of shooting12.01.2017


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Bernd Michael LadeThe Witness [L]
Maria SimonReporter [L]
Andruscha HilscherJudge - Major of the US Army [SR]
Jerome Hirthammern.n [SR]
Hans Hendrik TrostProsecuter - Lieutenant of the US Army [SR]
Marko BräutigamNo. 16 [SR]
Oliver BreiteNo.13 [SR]
Jonathan LadeGuard [SR]
Thomas LehmannNo. 17 [SR]
Thomas René SchuchKZ-Arzt Heinrich Schmitz [SR]
Katrin SchwingelTranslator [SR]
Jörg SeyerNo. 20 [SR]
Ludwig SimonGuard [SR]
Thomas StecherNo. 19 / Judge - Major of the US Army [SR]
Martin TomtschkoNo. 3 [SR]
Lina WendelNo. 41 [SR]
Torsten SpohnDoctor W. [BP]
Ralf LindermannJudge -Major of the US Army


director of photographyGuntram Franke
additional photographyFabian Stöckmann
costume designerEsther Friedemann
costume designerRudi Scharff
directorBernd Michael Lade
1st assistant directorTorsten Spohn
editorMichael Kobs
production designerUlrich Vetter
set manager/ floor managerHelene Biallas
production sound mixerJörg Wiegleb

Production companies

Maruto Filmproduktion UG [de]


CostumesSturm Handels GmbHUniformen