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The Accompanist

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    Feature Film | 1992 | Tragicomedy | France

    Brief synopsis

    Winter, 1942-1943. Sophie Vasseur, brought up in poverty by her single mother, suffers like most Parisians from the hardships and privations of the German occupation. A pianist, this demure, taciturn girl is hired as an accompanist by the beautiful, talented singer Irene Brice. Admired by the public, Irene is adored by her husband, Charles Brice, a rich businessman collaborating with the German occupiers and the Vichy regime. Dazzled by the luxury and comfort in which the Brices live, fascinated by Irene's grace and kindness, Sophie soon goes to live with her employers and eventually learns the couple's intimate secrets. Flattered by Irene's trust, she tries to merit it by concealing the love affair between the singer and Jacques Fabert, a pionneer member of the French Resistance. She does harbor some resentment, though. For while everything succeeds for Irene, her Accompanist is expected to serve in obscurity...


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Romane BohringerSophie Vasseur [L]
    Richard BohringerCharles Brice [L]
    Elena SafonovaIrène Brice [L]
    Claude RichThe Minister [GS]
    Nathalie BachPeggy [SR]
    Nelly BorgeaudMadame Vasseur [SR]
    Samuel LabartheJacques Fabert [SR]
    Julien RassamBenoît Weizman [SR]
    Bernard VerleyJacques Ceniat [SR]


    Director of photographyYves Angelo
    1st assistant cameraLaurent Fleutot
    Still photographerNathalie Eno
    Costume designerJacqueline Bouchard
    DirectorClaude Miller
    Script supervisorVéronique Lagrange
    EditorAlbert Jurgenson
    ComposerAlain Jomy
    ProducerJean-Louis Livi
    Co-producerRaphaël Berdugo
    Production designerJean-Pierre Kohut-Svelko
    Production managerDaniel Chevalier
    ScreenwriterClaude Miller
    ScreenwriterLuc Béraud
    Literary sourceNina Berberova
    Production sound mixerPaul Lainé
    Sound re-recording mixerAnne Le Campion
    Sound re-recording mixerGérard Lamps
    Sound editorReine Wekstein
    Foley artistJean-Pierre Lelong

    Distributing companies

    Pathé [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 11/11/1992