Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Only the AnimalsFeature Filmco-production
    2019Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary / Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary (WT)Feature Filmco-production
    2018Les ÉblouisFeature Filmco-production
    2018Damien veut changer le mondeFeature Filmco-production
    2018Une chanson douce (WT)Feature Filmco-production
    2018Proxima (WT)Feature Filmco-production
    2018Love at Second SightFeature Filmco-production
    2018Yakari – Große Stürme mit Kleiner Donner (WT)Feature Filmco-production
    2018The Girl with a BraceletFeature Filmco-production
    2018One Role For TwoFeature Filmco-production
    2018An Easy GirlFeature Filmco-production
    2018The TruthFeature Filmco-production
    2017Pupille / In Safe HandsFeature Filmco-production
    2017Father and SonsFeature Filmco-production
    2017The Emperor of ParisFeature Filmco-production
    2017Tricky Old DogsFeature Filmco-production
    2017The Summer HouseFeature Filmco-production
    2017Le Collier rougeFeature Filmco-production
    2017One Nation, One KingFeature Filmco-production
    2017Everybody knows / Todos lo sabenFeature Filmco-production