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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2021LinkedIn - We Can Do ItCommercialproduction manager
    2021Westwing - Let inspiration in (3 Spots)Commercialcasting director
    2021Samsung - Wildlife. Be a virtual rangerCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2021Bosch Spexor - Die sensationellen Sensoren (WT)Commercialcasting director
    2020Zalando - Pre-OwnedCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2018Kaufland - Tipp-Kick Figur gratis (3 Spots)Commercialcasting director
    2017Abracar - DschungelCommercialcasting director
    2017Oponeo - Shoes Of The CarCommercialcasting director
    2017Dillon - Contact UsMusic Videocomputer/video playback supervisor
    2016Ferrero - Mon Chéri. Wiedereinführung 2016/17
    Featured Extras
    Commercialcasting directorFeatured Extras
    2016Quirion - No more Bauchgefühl (3 Filme)Commercialcasting director
    2016Ferrero Küsschen - Weihnachtssong (WT)Commercialcasting director
    2016Das Handwerk - Dein Wahres IchCommercialcasting director
    2015Sparkasse Österreich - Spark7Commercialcasting director
    2012Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) - Blondine in der Bibliothek (Online-Film)Commercialproduction manager
    2012Little Red Ridung Hood, Dachshund and the WolfShort Filmproduction manager
    2012The SquonkShort Filmunit manager (local system)
    2011NimmersattShort Filmunit manager (local system)
    2010Verlangen (WT)Short Filmunit manager (local system)
    2010Stadtwerke Potsdam - Tesla, Turbine, TurmspringerCommercialline production coordinator