Feature Film | 2017 | France


Brief synopsis

Simon is about to become a fther. But how can this unusual young man take care of his baby when he can't take care of himself? His encounter with Théodore, an endearing and cantankerous teen raised by his single mom, will seriously upend his... uncertainties. During a single night, while Simon's wife and Théodore's mother will form a common front, the two rebels set out on a crazy quest... toward accepting themselves.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Félix MoatiSimon [L]
Nils Othenin-GirardThéodore [L]
Mélanie BernierRivka [SR]
Audrey LamyEdith [SR]
Philippe RebbotPaul [SR]
Jean-Charles ClichetMarc [SR]
Caroline GayCaroline [SR]
Victor HaïmAaron [SR]


1st ADThomas Bobrowski
Director of photographyMartin Roux
Casting directorRichard Rousseau
Casting directorElsa Pharaon
Costume designerDamien Rondeau
DirectorMikael Buch
Script supervisorMathilde Profit
EditorBaptiste Saint-Dizier
Key makeup artistSimon Livet
ComposerBenjamin Esdraffo
ProducerGéraldine Michelot
Production designerDamien Rondeau
Production managerJulien Bouley
ScreenwriterMikael Buch
ScreenwriterMaud Ameline
Production sound mixerMathieu Villien

Production companies

Mona Films [fr]

Distributing companies

Be for Films [be]International Sales
Rezo Films [fr]France (theatrical)