Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Tropiques (WT)Feature Film
    2021Le Chemin du Bonheur (aka L'Enfant caché) (WT)Feature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2021The CandidateDocu-Fiction
    2021Towards the BattleFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2020Gold for DogsFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2020A Bookshop in ParisFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2020FelicitàFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019Tout le monde m'appelle Mike (WT)Feature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019You Deserve a LoverFeature FilmDistribution France
    2019Gold for DogsFeature Filmcoproduction
    2019JumboFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019I Lost My BodyFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018Just KidsFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018Ma mère est folleFeature FilmDistribution France
    2018Sympathy for the DevilFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018Les Drapeaux de papierFeature FilmDistribution France
    2018Adventures of a MathematicianFeature FilmFrance
    2018FishloveFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018The White CrowFeature FilmDistribution France
    2017RoadsFeature FilmDistribution France