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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023The King of AlgiersFeature Filmeditor
    2022Asterix & Obelix - The Middle KingdomFeature Filmeditor
    2021HimFeature Filmeditor
    2019Wasp NetworkFeature Filmeditor
    2018A Bigger WorldFeature Filmeditor
    2018Sink or SwimFeature Filmeditor
    2017Doubles LivesFeature Filmeditor
    2016Carré 35Documentary Featureeditor
    2015My KingFeature Filmeditor
    2015From The Land Of The MoonFeature Filmeditor
    2014Wild LifeFeature Filmeditor
    2012Journal de FranceDocumentary Featureeditor
    2012Going AwayFeature Filmeditor
    2011A Better LifeFeature Filmeditor
    2011Let My People Go!Feature Filmeditor
    2009La Grande VieFeature Filmeditor
    2009PartirFeature Filmeditor