From The Land Of The Moon

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    Feature Film | 2015-2016 | Drama | France

    Brief synopsis

    Gabrielle has grown up among the rural petit-bourgeois, where her dream of passionate love is considered scandalous. At a time when women's role is to get married, Gabrielle's wild behavior creates problems; people think she is insane. Her parents marry her off to José, a seasonal worker whose job is to turn Gabrielle into a respectable woman. Gabrielle says she doesn't love him and feels as though she is being buried alive. When she is sent away to undergo a water-cure for her kidney stones, her encounter with André Sauvage, a lieutenant wounded in the Indochina War, reignites her desire for absolute love. They flee together and she devotes herself to him and he seems to respond to her desire. This time, they won't take what she calls "the important thing" from her. Gabrielle wants to live out her dream.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Marion CotillardGabrielle [L]Natascha Schaff
    Louis GarrelAndré Sauvage [L]Tobias Nath
    Alex BrendemühlJosé [L]
    Brigitte RoüanAdéle [SR]
    Victoire Du BoisJeannine [SR]
    Aloïse SauvageAgostine [SR]
    Daniel ParaMartin [SR]
    Jihwan KimBlaise [SR]


    1st ADSébastien Matuchet
    3rd ADVictor Mirabel
    3rd ADMartin JossSwitzerland
    Director of photographyChristophe Beaucarne
    Casting directorStéphane Batut
    Casting directorRichard Rousseau
    Costume designer (creator)Catherine Leterrier
    DirectorNicole Garcia
    EditorSimon Jacquet
    ComposerDaniel Pemberton
    ProducerAlain Attal
    Production designerArnaud de Moléron
    Line producerXavier Amblard
    Production managerJacques Royer
    Post production supervisorNicolas Mouchet
    Unit managerGilles Monnier
    Unit managerStéphan ArnouxPartie Sud uniquement
    ScreenwriterJacques Fieschi
    ScreenwriterNicole Garcia
    Literary sourceMilena AgusRoman « Mal di pietre »

    Production companies

    Trésor Films [fr]
    C-Films AG [ch]

    Distributing companies

    Studiocanal GmbH (formerly Kinowelt GmbH) [de]Germany (theatrical)
    Studiocanal [fr]France (theatrical)


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Catherine Leterrier2017Cesar [fr]Meilleurs CostumesNominated
    Christophe Beaucarne2017Cesar [fr]Meilleure PhotoNominated
    Marion Cotillard2017Cesar [fr]Meilleure ActriceNominated
    Simon Jacquet2017Cesar [fr]Meilleur MontageNominated
    Nicole Garcia2017Cesar [fr]Meilleure AdaptationNominated
    Jacques Fieschi2017Cesar [fr]Meilleure AdaptationNominated
    Alain Attal2017Cesar [fr]Meilleur FilmNominated


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceOCS [fr]Monday, 09/11/2020, 8.40 PMOCS Max


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 02/03/2017
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 19/10/2016