Renato Novakovic, director, screenwriter, Munich
  • director (181)
  • screenwriter (16)
Born on 17.04.1984 in Zajecar, Serbien (Lebt in München & Freiburg) (35 Years)


Dirs-n-Dops - Ursula Löhrhoff
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AGENTUR DIRS-N-DOPS - Anglersiedlung 1013503  BerlinGermany
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About Renato Novakovic

I thought RENO! as a short name would work better for the people out there. Since I cannot describe myself in short sentences, my agency decided to give a try. If you want to know more about me or my full name, sign me up for your next shoot ;-) – Ah yes and I was born „1984"

– – –

RENO! is a multi award winning tvc director who discovered his interest in film and television at the tender age of eight years and has pursued it passionately since then. He is fascinated with the medium’s ability to touch people and at the same time to open up different perspectives, worlds and realities. Among other areas, he specialized in digital cinema, which offers creative space for the realization of unconventional ideas. After first experiences as a camera operator and director in Prague, Paris & all over the world he moved to Munich, Germany because of his wife and two sons.

In 2008 he decided to focus only on directing / photography and concept development. His experience with camera work plays an important role in the development of his projects. Today he supervises and coordinates projects from concept to delivery to form individual parts into a unique and perfect product.

RENO! was one of the founding members of the insane4frame GmbH & Co.KG company in Munich which specialized in VFX for international blockbuster films & tvc campaigns. He left the company in good faith and build a new creative company called MR Director & DoP Team GbR for tvc campaigns and only for CD/Directing & DoP work.

Until today he worked worldwide on countless projects for the biggest agencies and is still working also as a freelance Director and sometimes Creative Director for different production houses, agencies and clients under the name RENO!

– – –

Professional Writing-Director since 2005

English – German – Serbo-Croatian – Romanian, Basic French, Basic Portuguese

Directing Skills:
Storytelling, CG Style, Humor, Abstract, Beauty, Automotive, Documentary, Visual Effects, Action, Animals

Projects as director

2019Best4Pets - TierversicherungCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2019Yourfone - Your deal 2019CommercialRenato NovakovicGabor BrüningRegie
2019Top Chef - GermanyTrailerRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2019Jochen Schweizer - Traum JobCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2019Europawahl - Geh wählen 2019CommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2019Superheroes GermanyTrailerRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2019Das Große Promi - Flaschendrehen - PromoTrailerRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2018Mercedes-Benz - GenuineParts (4 Spots)CommercialRenato NovakovicRecom Film GmbH & Co. KGRegie
2018National Geographic - Planet or PlasticCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie & Konzept
2018Honda Grazia - The Grazia WayCommercialRenato NovakovicFull Circle Films [in]Regie
2018Porsche - The Bigger PictureImage FilmRenato NovakovicBlack Pearl Film GmbH [de]Regie
2018Commerzbank - Get your credit!CommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2018Deutsche Familienversicherung - Maxcare. Maximaler ZahnschutzCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2018Lifestrom - Thore SchölermannCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2018fem. - TabuCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2018ProSiebenSat.1 - Quipp-App. Täglich live um 20 Uhr quizzenCommercialRenato NovakovicProSiebenSat1 Produktion GmbH [de]Regie
2018ProSieben - Masters of Dance 2018CommercialRenato NovakovicGreenskyfilms GmbHRegie
2018ProSieben - Red Button 2018CommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2018Prosieben - The Voice. Michael Patrick Kelly ChallengeCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie
2018Prosieben - Allein gegen Alle! Mit EltonCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Regie

Projects as screenwriter

2014ZF Friedrichshafen AG - 100 Jahre Motion & MobilityImage FilmRenato NovakovicTVT Creative Media GmbH [de]
201428 Black - Pure PleasureCommercialMultipleLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]
2014BMW Motorrad - Dark WorldCommercialRenato NovakovicWorkflow Films
2014Vier Pfoten - Die Zahl steigtCommercialRenato NovakovicLichtenberg & Gray Productions GmbH [de]Idea
2012MAN - Die Die BVB Jungs bejubeln den BuskipperCommercialRenato NovakovicTVT Creative Media GmbH [de]Idea
2012Rolls Royce - Beauty & The Ghost, Ghost MansionCommercialRenato Novakovicinsane4frame GmbH & Co. KG [de]
2012I.R.I.N.A.Short FilmRenato Novakovicinsane4frame GmbH & Co. KG [de]co-writer
2010BMW - The Freedom of ChoiceCommercialRenato NovakovicTVT Creative Media GmbH [de]
2010MAN - Fahren wie die Stars. BVB. Echte Liebe (Internetfilm)Image FilmRenato NovakovicTVT Creative Media GmbH [de]
2008Jeremias Meinhard - GreyMusic VideoRenato NovakovicHalovo Films GbR
2008Dassault Systemes - 3DS Enovia (Messefilm)Corporate FilmRenato NovakovicProgl + Gerlach GbRKonzept, Storyboard
2008Arri - Leading to the FutureImage FilmRenato NovakovicArri Media GmbH [de]Konzept, Storyboard
2008Sinne der Stadt / Senses of the CityShort FilmRenato NovakovicMedia School Bayern gGmbH (formerly afk tv, Aus- und Fortbildungsfernsehen) [de]
2006Ballaballa (Fußballerisches Musikvideo)Short FilmRenato NovakovicHalovo Films GbR2.Platz, MedienCampus Bayern
2005Blue Life! (Bewerbungsfilm)Short FilmRenato NovakovicHalovo Films GbR
2005AviditasShort FilmRenato NovakovicHFF Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München [de]1.Platz, SHNIT Filmfest, Bern - Schweiz

Film projects in other capacities

2013Land of Giants (Teaser)CommercialKrystof ZlatnikRoundhousefilm GmbH [de]vfx producer
2012The Other Side Of The Moon / S onu stranu luneIndie Feature Film, HRT [hr]Renato NovakovicMagna International [rs]script consultant
2012The Human RaceFeature FilmPaul HoughPaul Hough Entertainment [us]vfx producer
2012I.R.I.N.A.Short FilmRenato Novakovicinsane4frame GmbH & Co. KG [de]dramaturgical editing advisor
2010MAN - Fahren wie die Stars. Kaiserslautern (Internetfilm)Image FilmRenato NovakovicTVT Creative Media GmbH [de]editor
2010BMW - Boulevard of JoyImage FilmRenato NovakovicTVT Creative Media GmbH [de]storyliner
2010MAN - Hidden CameraImage FilmIngo HäckesTVT Creative Media GmbH [de]editor Re-Cut
2010Sports Media Network - Sports TrailerImage FilmLars PlathSports Media Network GmbH & Co. KGeditor
2010Picoprep® - Einfach, SauberImage FilmAndreas SchauerCDM Munich GmbHeditor
2010Schachbundesliga - Heidelberg 2010MoodfilmLars PlathSports Media Network GmbH & Co. KGeditor
2009International Kids Campus - Lernen durch Spiel & SpassImage FilmRenato NovakovicHalovo Films GbReditor
2009gut Leben - Das Service- und RatgebermagazinTV Magazine, Servus TV [at]Alexander GuntersdorferServusTV Fernsehgesellschaft m.b.H [at]editor Dezember 2009
2009S. Aaron - I Never Find My SoulmateMusic VideoManuel WengerC-tracks Recordseditor
2008Never In A Room With Plastic On the FloorShort FilmRenato NovakovicJB Productions, Jaymes Butlerfreelance producer
2008Volksbank Raiffeisenbank - Kicker (Internet Werbespiel)CommercialRenato NovakovicHalovo Films GbReditor
2008Trend Moves by o.b. ( MagazineRenato NovakovicASMM - Axel Springer Mediahouse München GmbH [de]freelance producer - Relaunch 2008Image FilmDagmar WertherRelease! Active Media GmbHdirector of photography
2008Jeremias Meinhard - GreyMusic VideoRenato NovakovicHalovo Films GbReditor
2008Immotrade & Finance - IFA ReisenImage FilmPeter SchweinsbergKaiserblick Media GmbH [de]1st assistant camera - Grip & Kran
2008Cartrade24 & Finance GmbH - Clever sparen, Clever fahrenCommercialPeter SchweinsbergKaiserblick Media GmbH [de]editor Kinotrailer

Film awards

2007Ballaballa (Fußballerisches Musikvideo)Flimmern & Rauschen MünchenMusikvideoNominated
2006AviditasSHNIT Filmfestival Bern1.PlatzWinner
2006Ballaballa (Fußballerisches Musikvideo)ABSEITS Wettbewerb des MedienCampus Bayern2. PlatzWinner


2019Promax Europe: 1 x Gold
2018Eyes & Ears Awards: 3 x Bronze
2017Eyes & Ears Awards: 1 x Silver
2017Weisse Elefant (Filmfest München)
2016Die Klappe 2016: 1 x Silver
2016Golden Award of Montreaux: 1 x Gold
2016Promax Europe: Finalist The Voice Kids 2015 Campaign
2016BEA: Finalist "100 Years ZF"
2016German Stevie Awards: 2 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 3 x Bronze for "100 Years ZF"
2016Grand Prix Victoria: Gold for "100 Years ZF"
2015New Media Award: Bronze for Samsung Speed App with Cheil Germany / Poland
2015Eyes & Ears Awards: 2 x Silver & 1 x Bronze for The Voice Kids and
2015European Excellence Awards: 2 x Gold for "100 Years ZF"
2014Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis: Entry for AlphaElectric / BMWi3
2014Eurobest: Nomination (Mobile/Mobile Applications)
2014Cannes Lions: 4 x shortlisted for Samsung Speed App with Cheil Germany / Poland
2013Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis: Entry for DDB

Basic data

LanguagesBosnian (Fluent), Croatian (Fluent), English (Fluent), French (Basic knowledge), German (Fluent), Portuguese (Basic knowledge), Romanian (Fluent), Serbian (Native speaker)
Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: Vanuatu
Central America: Dominican Republic
North America: USA
Northern Europe: Denmark
East Asia: China
Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia
South America: Brazil
Southern Europe: Croatia, Italy, Spain, Turkey
Southeast Asia: India
Western Europe: Austria, France, Switzerland
LicencesC (truck > 3,5 t) [eu]
Immediate working areaMunich
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Bavaria
2nd residence (where applicablen)International - weltweit
Accommodation possibilitiesBelgrade, Berlin, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Los Angeles, Munich, Paris, Prague, Salzburg, Stuttgart