Projects saved at Crew United

    2023Terra - (songtitel fehlt)Music Video
    2023Holy Sh*t (WT)Independent Feature Film
    2022Freaks au ChocolatShort Film
    2022DaddyShort Film
    2022Viva VacanzaShort Film
    2022Stimmen (WT)Education/Training Production
    2022Pasta FrantumiWorkshop-Production
    2022I am the Greatest (WT)
    Independent Feature Filmcoproduction
    2022Gastrogötter (WT)Series Pilot
    2022Kein Himmel auf Erden (WT)Documentary
    2022To those we love (WT)Short Film
    2022I want you to panicEducation/Training Production
    2022Glückstag (WT)Education/Training Production
    2022Die Brieffreundin (WT)Docu-Fiction
    2022Sturm & Drang (WT)Short Film
    2022Clashing Differences (WT)
    Limited seriesCoproduction
    2022All das ... und mehrEducation/Training Production
    2022VapeursEducation/Training Production
    2022No promisesShort Film
    2022Mach’s Licht ausShort Film