Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Les Intranquilles (WT)Feature Film
    2020Under the Stars of ParisFeature FilmInternational Sales
    2020MandibulesFeature Film
    2019La Bonne ÉpouseFeature FilmDistribution France & International Sales
    2019On a Magical NightFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019The Big HitFeature FilmFrance (Theatrical)
    2019Wasp NetworkFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019Wasp NetworkFeature Filmcoproduction
    2019The Swallows of KabulFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018Persian LessonsFeature FilmInternational (world sales)
    2018AdorationFeature FilmInternational Sales
    2018SofiaFeature FilmDistribution France
    2018Divine LoveFeature FilmDistribution France
    2018Les Femmes de DaeshDocumentary (Series), arte
    2017Une intime convictionFeature FilmDistribution France
    2017TremorsFeature FilmDistribution France
    2017Call Me by Your NameFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2017Knife + HeartFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2017Everybody knowsFeature FilmDistribution France
    2017Everybody knowsFeature Film