Projects saved at Crew United

    2021The Heart of a ManFeature Filmdirector
    2017Le Collier rougeFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2017Le Collier rougeFeature Filmdirector
    2014Get Well SoonFeature Filmdirector
    2013Get Well SoonFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2011Welcome AboardFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2011Welcome AboardFeature Filmdirector
    2010My Afternoons with MargueritteFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2010My Afternoons with MargueritteFeature Filmdirector
    2006Conversations with My GardenerFeature Filmdirector
    2002Strange GardensFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2002Strange GardensFeature Filmdirector
    2000A Crime in ParadiseFeature Filmdirector
    1998Children of the MarshlandFeature Filmdirector
    1994ÉlisaFeature Filmdirector