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© ICE3
Feature Film | 2017 | Drama, Period | France

Shooting data

Start of shooting23/05/2017
End of shooting28/07/2017
LocationsCharente & Paris, France

Project data

Budget6,7 M€
Film financing


Brief synopsis

In 1919, in a small town under the crushing heat of summer, a war hero is held prisoner in an abandoned barracks. Outside, his mangy dog barks night and day. Not far off in the countryside, an extraordinarily intelligent young woman works the land, waiting and hoping. A judge whose principles have been sorely shaken by the war is coming to sort out this case of which it is better not to speak.
Three characters. In their midst, a dog that holds the key to their destinies and this intriguing plot.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
François CluzetLantier [L]
Nicolas DuvauchelleMorlac [L]
Sophie VerbeeckValentine [L]
Patrick DescampsPaul [SR]
Tobias NuyttenPaul [SR]
Mauranela patronne [SR]
Gilles VandeweerdLouis [SR]
Roxane ArnalPerrine [SR]
Frans BoyerLoubiot [SR]
Surho SugaipovAfoninov [SR]


1st ADDavid Krespine
Director of photographyYves Angelo
Casting directorSylvia Allegre
Costume designerMahémiti Deregnaucourt
DirectorJean Becker
Script supervisorAmélie Bérard
EditorFranck Nakache
ComposerJohan Hoogewijs
ProducerLouis Becker
ProducerClaire Maillard
Production designerThérèse Ripaud
Scenic painterFrédéric Rigaud
Unit managerFabrice Bousba
ScreenwriterJean Becker
ScreenwriterJean-Christophe Ruffin
Co-writerJean-Loup Dababie
Literary sourceJean-Christophe RuffinRoman

Production companies

ICE3 [fr]
KJB Productions [fr]
France 3 Cinéma [fr]co-production
Canal+ [fr]participation
Ciné+ [fr]participation
France 3 [fr]participation

Distributing companies

La Belle Company [fr]France (theatrical)
Athena Films [be]Belgium (theatrical)
France TV Distribution [fr]International Sales
JMH Distributions SA [ch]Switzerland (theatrical)


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
RepeatBelgiumCiné+ [be]Tuesday, 24/03/2020, 10.15 PMCiné+ Premier
RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Sunday, 21/07/2019, 11.15 PMCanal+ Cinéma
RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Friday, 19/04/2019, 2.00 AMCanal+ Family
RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Thursday, 11/04/2019, 10.20 AM
First showingFranceCanal+ [fr]Tuesday, 12/03/2019


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 28/03/2018