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Cedar D. Wolf
Fellendsweg 4128279  BremenGermany
Mobile+49 176 62754582
Phone+49 421 3978750
Fax+49 421 3978749

    About G.O. Cross Media Production GmbH

    Filmmaking is our passion. It all started in English with some short films and the occasional viral. Whilst the production of English-speaking feature films makes sense for any producer who wants to reach a large audience, serial content should have a regional appeal. Which is why most of our serial projects are primarily developed for German audiences. We make an exception for crossmedia and transmedia content, which we develop with a global and multi-lingual audience in mind.

    Over the past few years we have managed to gather a dedicated and highly skilled international team of industry professionals who combine their unique personal experience with a passion for filmmaking. On that note, we hope to entertain you.

    For our larger projects we collaborate with our British and US colleagues and our smaller projects are realised by a pool of north German professionals who have worked together on a number on fictional and factual films. Our process is inspired by the Joint Stock Theatre's approach.


    • Cedar D. Wolf
      Phone:+49 421 3978750
      Mobile:+49 176 62754582
    • Gerrit Oehlmann
      Leiter App Entwicklung
      Department:Software Entwicklung
      Phone:+49 421 3978750

    Company data

    Experience abroadSouthern Europe: Italy
    Western Europe: England, Wales
    Date of company foundation2005
    Company historyG.O. cross media production was founded as a private company by three computer scientists and one economist in 2005. The actor/writer Cedar D. Wolf joined the company in 2007 and took over as managing director alongside Gerrit Oehlmann in 2012. They re-shaped G.O. cross media production as a public limited company in 2013, when the main field of operation shifted from software development to film production. The software department still operates, however, offering innovative solutions to the props and production design departments.
    Permanent employees2
    Immediate working areaHead office: Bremen