Projects saved at Crew United

    2019NevrlandFeature Film
    2018Love MachineFeature Film
    2018Womit haben wir das verdient?Feature Film
    2018RotzbubFeature FilmVerleih Österreich
    2018The Ground Beneath My FeetFeature Film
    2018Gipsy QueenFeature Film
    2018The Diver insideFeature Film
    2018A powerhouse for emotionDocumentary Feature
    2017How I Taught Myself to Be a ChildFeature FilmÖsterreich
    2017JoyFeature FilmVerleih Österreich
    2017Democracy Ltd.Documentary Feature
    2017CopsFeature FilmÖsterreich
    2017AngeloFeature FilmÖsterreich
    2017Visages, VillagesDocumentary FeatureVerleih Österreich
    2017Utopia RevisitedDocumentary Feature
    2017Murer - Anatomie eines ProzessesFeature Film
    2016StyxFeature FilmÖsterreich
    2016IcemanFeature FilmÖsterreich
    2016Happy EndFeature Film
    2016BaumschlagerFeature Film