Eva-Maria Kurz, actress, speaker, Berlin
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  • Actress
  • speaker
Born on 17.05.1944 in Stuttgart (78 Years)

Basic data

French German Italian
Swabian (Native dialect)
Skills (dance)Ballet Belly Dancing / Oriental Dance Tap Dance
Skills (sports)tennis yoga
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
LicencesB (car) [eu]



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  • REX GILDO - The last dance
    The new film by Rosa von Praunheim "REX GILDO - The Last Dance "
    premiered at the Munich Film Festival - and was well received!

    As one of the three superfans I am especially happy about a remark in KinoZeit by H.Mühlbeyer:
    "...Three superfans, who also sometimes disturb the film, who intervene when we see the young Rex in bed withhis manager, who insult Rosa von Praunheim, who has to dirty everything - actually we would have liked to see more of these three blinded people, who only know the shiny, the outside ofRex Gildo..."
  • GARAGE SALE Omer Fast
    28.10.2022 Film premiere in Bielefeld, Kunsthalle, ajh.pm.
    Garage Sale by Omer Fast
    Exhibition at ajh.pm
    Dornberger Str. 2, 33615 Bielefeld

    Omer Fast is an artist and filmmaker. Much of his work deals with the psychological structure of trauma. He focuses on the blurring of memories as well as the retelling of current or historical events. His artistic videos subvert the formal precepts of diverse film genres and question both the analog and digital image as a medium for disseminating information. The film "Garage Sale" will be shown as a three-channel video installation that Omer Fast produced especially for the exhibition space ajh.pm. Starting from a painting, the film spins a complex and ambiguous narrative that explores the question of how toxic objects and memories are dealt with in the family and society.
  • MusikVideo
    ein neues Album von Masha he Rich Man ist am 13.Januar 2023 erschienen dazu ein Hymne auf ihre Grossmutter:

About Eva-Maria Kurz


Chapter I:
William Blake: "My mother groaned, my father wept, into the dangerous world I leapt"

1944, May17 Eva-Maria Kurz was born in Stuttgart, Germany during last year of World War II.
After the war she spend some time in Zurich, Switzerland, with her grandparents
together with mother, brother and sister
1950-1963 she attended elementary and secondary school in Stuttgart
1964: she began high-school studies at the University Tübingen:
first medical science, afterwards she changed over to psychology.
Over the years of her study this discipline changed remarkably,
beginning with quite arbitrary theories changing to valid scientific research.
Most of all she was affected by the works of Stanley Milgram
("Obedience to Authority" )
and by the communication theory of Paul Watzlawick.
1974 she graduated from university with the degree
"Diplom-Psychologin" (corr. "master").
The subject of her thesis was a research regarding the hypothesis:
specific personality traits in people (intolerance of ambiguity) induce to attitudes like authoritarianism, dogmatism and nationalism.
Further on she attended postgraduate trainings,
especially in behavioural and systemic psychotherapy.
1973: she declared officially leaving the christian church due to conviction.
1975-1982: she was employed by the University Tübingen;
in a precarious campus her main task was to give troubled students psychological assistance and devise a more favorable social environment.
1983 she was forced to quit her employment due to economy measures in spite of vehement students protest campaigns.

Chapter II
William Blake: ""Damn braces. Bless relaxes"

1984: being without duty she took the chance to strike a new path
and to pursue her passion for theatre.
She moved to Berlin, where at first she accepted various tasks in off-stage-theatres.
At the same time she attended professional acting traings offered by various teachers..
1985 she met film director Rosa von Praunheim and became part of a small company of actors in order to create a film concerning AIDS epidemic -
resulting the black comedy A Virus Knows No Morals (1986),
where she had her first leading part as a fag-hunting journalist.
Furthermore she kept and still keeps in touch with Rosa von Praunheim and became part of his films "Anita-Tänze des Lasters ", "Rosas Höllenfahrt" among others.
1989 she met another filmmakers, who gained notable influence on her further career:
Christoph Schlingensief ; among others she was part in his film
"Das Deutsche Kettensägenmassaker" (1990), " Terror 2000" (1991)
From now on she worked with many other directors and appeared in more
than 100 films and TV-productions, preferably in edgy non-conform films,
but also in conventional mainstream -films and series, and also in international movies including
Alexander Sokurov: Faust (winner of the Golden Lion, Venice Film Fest 2011),
Jos Stelling: The Girl and Death (winner of the Gouden Kalf, Filmfest Utrecht 2012) , moreover shortfilms and music clips,
such as Ueberfallkommando feat.Ferris MC (2012)or Erdmöbel Tutorial (2018).
2019 she was part of the mixed-media-installation of the french artist Pauline Curnier Jardin, winner of Preis der Nationalgalerie-2019.
In addition to her film work she performs occasionally on theatre stage in Berlin, in Svizzerland and Austria ,
there too favouring offbeat performances such as
"Dein Gesicht ist eine wunderbare Bühne für mein Drama" by author and director Malte Schloesser, Theaterdiscounter Berlin, 2018-2020.
Since 2005 she works also as speaker in audio dramas, readings, documentaries (voice over) and video games.

Eva-Maria Kurz *1944, mammal, human, female, german -
height 5'5" - size XS
LIKES: Thomas Bernhard, Robert Walser, Saul Steinberg,
Randy Newman, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Werner Herzog, Loriot,
cats, mountains, seas, trees
DiSLIKES: religions, Goethe, fakes, blind obedience

Known for


1982 to 2019Private Schauspielaus- und weiterbildung bei verschiedenen Dozenten (improvisation - Meisner-Training - Method Acting - a.o.)
1964 to 1974Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (graduated: Diplom Psychologie)


2012Gouden Kalf (best long feature film) Nederlands Film Festial; THE GIRL AND DEATH
2011Golden Lion (best film), Venice Film Festival: FAUST
2009new berlin film award, achtung berlin: WEITERTANZEN
2009Deutscher Filmkunstpreis, Festival des deutschen Films Ludwigsburg: WEITERTANZEN
2008Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis.: DER VERDACHT
2008Eastman Förderpreis;Internationale Hofer Filmtage: WEITERTANZEN

Projects as actress

2022Familie Anders - Willkommen im Nest
Hildegard Feldmeier [BP]
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Sophie AverkampHildegard Feldmeier [BP]
2022Guardians of Colors (WT)
Guardian Room 1 [L]
Short FilmNatascha StoguGuardian Room 1 [L]
2022Nataschas Tanz (WT)
ballet teacher [BP]
Feature FilmJos Stellingballet teacher [BP]
2022Jeder stirbt für sich allein (WT)
Micha [L]
DocumentaryJulia GroteclaesMicha [L]
2022Vätertage (WT)
Rita Schlönzke [SR]
TV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Tomy WigandRita Schlönzke [SR]
2021Der Zürich-Krimi - Borchert und die dunklen Schatten
Rosalie Suter [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Roland Suso RichterRosalie Suter [SR]
Die Eifelpraxis - Verlorener Vater

Frau Bernhard [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Petra K. WagnerFrau Bernhard [SR]
Totally Meschugge

Shulamit Weinreb [SSR]
TV Series, ZDF [de]Frank StoyeShulamit Weinreb [SSR]
Rex Gildo - The Last Dance

Margot [SR]
Docu-FictionRosa von PraunheimMargot [SR]
2021Aller Tage Abend
Muskelschwund [SR]
Feature FilmFelix TissiMuskelschwund [SR]
The Allegation

Bibliothekarin [BP]
TV Series, RTL+ [de], TVNOW [de], VOX [de]Daniel ProchaskaBibliothekarin [BP]
Me and the Others

Wife [BP]
TV Series, Sky [de]David SchalkoWife [BP]
2020The Unbearable Lightness of the Revolution
Lieselotte [SR]
TV Movie, ARD [de], BR [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]Andy FetscherLieselotte [SR]
2020Daimler AG - NIA. Neulich im Autohaus (2 Filme für interne Verwertung)
Frau Müller [L]
CommercialSteffen HeidenreichFrau Müller [L]
2019Weingut Wader - Neue Wege
Maria Hofmann [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Tomy WigandMaria Hofmann [SR]
2019Weingut Wader - Nur zusammen sind wir stark
Maria Hofmann [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de]Tomy WigandMaria Hofmann [SR]
Schwester Alberta [BP]
Short FilmAndrea CazzanigaSchwester Alberta [BP]
Rolfs Stiefmutter [BP]
Independent Feature FilmRalf Helmut BischoffRolfs Stiefmutter [BP]
enviaM - Wir im Osten machen Omas Heizung digital

Kugel-Oma / Digital Dino [LE]
Corporate FilmLars FilthautKugel-Oma / Digital Dino [LE]
2019Weather the Storm
Anneliese [SR]
Short FilmEva NeidlingerAnneliese [SR]

Speaker engagements

YearTitleProject typeActivityClient
2022ANOHAaudio contentSprecherin versch. TiereJüdisches Museum Berlin
2022Die WeihnachtstanneChildren's radio playSpeaker - "The Queen"Deutschlandradio
2022Colin Niel: "Only the animals"Radio playSpeaker (Widow Duval)Deutschlandfunk Kultur
2021The Walks - PlaygroundAudio AppSpeakerRimini Protokoll
2021Anton and Peperadio play serialSpeaker "Mrs. Völkerndr / A. Ranisch und P. Zacher
2020Radio Tatort: LiebesinselHörspielSprecherrbb
2020Das Wunder von NarniaKinder-HörspielSpercherinSWR
2019Unrentabel - Künstler oder Rentner?Feature von S. Luncke u. J. M. SchäfersspeakerSWR
2019Schwibbs und FuntjeKinder-HörbuchSprecherinBenita Martin
2019Take half a hitFeaturespeaker- voice overDeutschlandradio Kultur
2019Eifel-Krimi - Goldaudio dramaspeaker : Witwe BolteWinterzeit Media
2019IdylleHörspielSprecherin Frau KerkhoffDeutschlandfunk Kultur
2019Drei Brüder von Jörg H. TraubothHörbuchSprecheringesafa
2018Die Drei Fragezeichen Kids "Rätselfalle"HörspielSprecherin - Mrs.EdvinBlanck & Blanck
2018Pizzicato WundergeigeKinderhörspielSpecherinrbb
2018Onkel OttoFeatureSprecherinSWR / Carina Pesch
2018sMuschel und der Rote PiratKinderhörspielSprecherin (Frau Sp.Rotte)Rico Riesen, Wave Akademie
2018Ein Stück Wiese am Waldszenische LesungSprecherinIAK, Christoph Heubner
2017Himmelreich am BaikalseeDokumentationSprecherin voice overArkadia-Filmproduktion arte/zdf
20171968mmDokumentarfilm, artevoice-over-SprecherinBoekamp&Kriegsheim
2016EnderalGameSprecherinSure AI, Samuel Lietzau,
2015Al Halqa - Die letzten ErzählerHörbuchSprecherinThomas Ladenburger
2014Schimpfen Sie...HörspielSprecherinSWR, Carina Pesch
2014Schloss PillnitzAudio GuideSprecherin "Hecken" und "Kamelie"Die Media Paten
2014Find Felka Find Felixszenische LesungSprecherinIAK, Christoph Heubner
2014VW Bulli Last WishesVideoSprecherinPaul Productions
2013Vulkan (David Gieselmann)Hörspiel; Stückemarkt Theatertreffen 2013SprecherinDeutschlandradio Kultur
2013Great Eastern oder Heimstatt für IdiotenHörspielSprecherinSWR 2
2013Cioran: Vom Nachteil, geboren zu seinHörspielSprecherinSWR
2013Lola und der rote Fiaker vor der VotivkircheFeatureSprecherin (Lily)Deutschlandradio Kultur
2013Zeitreisen: Wir waren die ZukunftFeatureSprecherinDeutschlandradio Kultur
2012Glückauf in TsumebFeatureSprecherin (Maria Nehoya)Deutschlandradio Kultur
HörspielSprecherin (Königin Feadora)floff publishing
2012Point WhitmarkHörspielSprecherin (Edda Gillycuddle)Decision Products
2012Südtirol MarketingPodcastSprecherin (Margarete Maultasch)iGuide Media
2012E.T.A. Hoffmann: Das Fräulein von ScuderiHörspielSprecherin (Fräulein von Scuderi)Eva Schönle, Uta Hörmeyer
2012Die letzte InstanzHörspielSprecherinDeutschlandradio Kultur
HörspielSprecherin Mrs. GrangerErik Albroth, earliner productions
2011Fred in PergamonHörspiel für KinderSprecherinultramar media
2011Experimenta Heilbronn: ZeitzeugenHörstationenSprecherinExperimenta Heilbronn / ultramar labs
 Ausstellung: Porzellanwelten
HörstationenSprecherinStiftung Leuchtenburg / ultramar labs
 The Second Guest
Adventure GameSprecherinTwice Effect / Lauscherlounge
2011Dreizehn von Wolfgan ZanderARD Radio Tatort /Hörspiel)Sprecherinrbb
2011Die Läuferin von M. ZücklerHörspielSprecherinrbb
 Die Woll-Lust der Maria Dolors von Blanca Busquets
HörbuchSprecherinDer Hörverlag
2010Talwärts, Hier und JazztHörspielSprecherinA.R. Warzecha
2010SchlaflosHörspielSprecherinSaarländischer Rundfunk
2010Presentes! Ahora y siempre!FeatureSprecherinDeutschlandradio Kultur
2010Terra MortisHörspielSprecherinDane Rahlmeyer / Pandoras Play
2010variations of maxVideoinstallationSprecherinHelene Sommer
2010TornadoHörspielSprecherinultramar labs
2009BildungsprämieFunkspotSprecherinStudio Funk Berlin
2009Größte Täuschung aller ZeitenRundfunkwerbungSprecherinStudio Funk Berlin
2009Projekt AltenhilfeImage film / voice overSprecherin2care4 / Filmhaus Bewegtbild GmbH
2009Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° OstFeatureSprecherinultramar labs
2009Der Schatten des MeistersHörspielSprecherinDeutschlandradio Kultur
2008Goldrausch - Vom Verschwinden eines KarpatendorfsFeature / Voice overSprecherinrbb
2008The EvidenceVoice overSprecherin2day Productions
2008Schatten des WahnsHörspielSprecherinDeutschlandradio Kultur
2008Rupert EverettVoice overSprecherinDeutsche Fernsehwerke / Timm TV
2008Ing Diba Bank AustriaFunkspotSprecherinfilmundco produktion
 Dirty Split
Krimi PC SpielSprecherin (Mrs. Vanderbuilt)Dreamagination Entertainment
2007Tropical IslandsFunkspotSprecherin (Oma)Suckow Konzept & Text
 american overflow / Dschungel
HörspielSprecherin (Melody)SWR

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2018dramatic readingChristoph Heubner: Ein Stück Wiese am WaldSprecherinIAK, Internationales Auschwitz Komitee
2017WebprojectIgorrr - Opus BrainSchauspielerinletterbox collective filmproduction
2016 - 2017video gameEnderalSprecherinSureAl
2014 - 2017dramatic reading"Ich sehe Hunde, die an der Leine reissen"SprecherinIAK (Internationales Auschwitz Komitee
2011video gameThe Second GuestSprecherinTwice Effect
2008video gameDirty SplitSprecherinDreamagination

Basic data

Height158 cm
Weight40 kg - 88 lb.
Body typevery slim
Clothing size34
Ethnic appearancewhite central european
Hair colourbrown
Hair lengthmedium
Eye colourgreen-brown
French German Italian
Swabian (Native dialect)
Voice typealto
Skills (dance)Ballet Belly Dancing / Oriental Dance Tap Dance
Skills (sports)tennis yoga
Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland
LicencesB (car) [eu]
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
Accommodation possibilitiesMunich