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    Movies as director

    2023Fritz!Box - Campaign EuropeCommercialEicke BettingaZEITSPRUNG COMMERCIAL GmbH
    2022Die Companisto StoryDocumentaryEicke BettingaHigh5Films GmbH [de]
    2021Das Örtliche - TalenteCommercialEicke BettingaFilm Deluxe GmbH
    2021Apple x Telekom x FC Bayern - Close Your RingsCommercialEicke BettingaOki Films GmbH & Co. KG [de]
    2021Fritz!Box - New FreedomCommercialEicke BettingaZEITSPRUNG COMMERCIAL GmbH
    2020Adidas - The Pulse of the SpiritCommercialEicke BettingaFlabbergasted Films [de]
    2020Multiple Sklerose - #MoreThanMS (Social Video Kampagne)CommercialEicke BettingaWe Are Era
    2018Opel - 120 JahreCorporate FilmEicke BettingaSenproductions GbR [de]
    2017Seat - Mii. LifestyleCommercialEicke BettingaUnited Visions GmbH [de]
    2017Pearle Optik - Pearle macht meine Brille (4 Spots)CommercialEicke BettingaMican Film Werbefilmproduktion Ges.mbH [at]
    2016Lotto - ZahlenCommercialEicke BettingaUnited Visions GmbH [de]
    2016Wrigley Airwaves - TrilogyCommercialEicke BettingaOki Films GmbH & Co. KG [de]
    2016Pearle Optik - Sommerkampagne 2016CommercialEicke BettingaMican Film Werbefilmproduktion Ges.mbH [at]
    2016TeamShirts - Reloaded (WT)CommercialEicke BettingaHigh5Films GmbH [de]
    2015Das Romeo-Prinzip
    TV MovieEicke BettingaTamtam Film GmbHNDR
    2015Guinness - Mustache (WT)CommercialEicke BettingaHigh5Films GmbH [de]
    2015Apollo Optik - 2015 KampagneCommercialEicke BettingaMican Film Werbefilmproduktion Ges.mbH [at]
    2015Pearle Optik - Kampagne 2015CommercialEicke BettingaMican Film Werbefilmproduktion Ges.mbH [at]
    2015Penny Markt - TreuepromoCommercialEicke BettingaMican Film Werbefilmproduktion Ges.mbH [at]
    Max Ophüls Preis (nom)
    Short FilmEicke BettingaFlabbergasted Films [de]Max Ophüls Preis (nom)

    Basic data

    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland
    North America: Canada, USA
    East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea
    Southern Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain
    Southeast Asia: Taiwan
    Southeastern Europe: Bulgaria
    Western Europe: Belgium, England, France, Netherlands, Scotland, Wales
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin