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About We Are Era

We feel comfortable in an unpredictable, dynamic media landscape when no one else does. Our international and award-winning team provides our partners with a full digital media value chain that reaches the new generation.

The Digital Video Movement conceptualises, develops, produces, manages and distributes video content that resonates with audiences around the globe. Our aim is to spark a media revolution and provide our brands, broadcasters, personalities and NGOs with the shortest route to every European across all relevant platforms.

Projects as production

2022Alles gut, aber... (WT)Series PilotWiebke Becker
2022Toggomania (WT)Series Pilot, Super RTL [de]Sascha Quade
2022Ikea - Tipps & TricksWeb MagazineAnn-Catrin Bürger
2021Bumble x TikTok - Date With Better AnswersCommercialGloria Gammer
2021Kicker - TikTok Kanal (3 Formate)Web MagazineLukas Gfrörer
2021ZDF Sportstudio (TikTok)Web MagazineLukas Gfrörer
2021Amazon - Countdown to Xmas (mehrere Filme)CommercialYasmin Akay
2021#VOXforWomen - Das EventTV-Event, VOX [de]Multiple
2021O.B. - Let's doWeb MagazineMatthias Bollwerk
2021Ikea - Tipps & TricksWeb MagazineBilge Ak
2020Spicy (Instagramserie)Series, funk [de]Matthias Bollwerk
2020Die Einstein-WG (Webserie)Series, SRF [ch]Matthias Bollwerk
2020O.B. - Let's doWeb MagazineMatthias Bollwerk
2020Bebe - #ungeschminktWeb MagazineMatthias Bollwerk
2020Flick FlackWeb Magazine, arteMultiple
2020Die Einstein-WG (Webserie)Series, SRF [ch]Matthias Bollwerk
2020Multiple Sklerose - #MoreThanMS (Social Video Kampagne)CommercialEicke Bettinga
2020Ikea - Tipps & TricksWeb MagazineMultiple
2020Maggi KochStudio - 10 Zutaten Challenge (Youtube Channel)Web MagazineSascha Herrmann
2020o.b. - Ein sicheres Gefühl seit 70 Jahren (Webfilme)CommercialSilke Meya

Film awards

2020Durex - It's a match. Durex Gefühlsecht Slim FitDeutscher MediapreisMedia idea Moving image non-linearWinner
2017Der Wedding kommt (Webserie)Webfest Berlin [de]Best German SeriesWinner


2019Wirtschaftsfilmpreis 2019 (Sonderpreis "Nachhaltigkeit") für MESH Collective

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Company data

MESH CollectiveMESH Collective is award-winning educational initiative that has pioneered the field of digital, extracurricular youth education over the past decade.

MESH Collective promotes civic dialogue inside and outside the digital space. Sociopolitical topics such as climate change, politics, democracy, science and research in the age of “fake news”, identity politics, discrimination and community building, social change and globalisation, are all conveyed through popular genres.
United ScreensUnited Screens is the largest online video network in the Nordics and partnered with Divimove in 2019.

Since 2013, United Screens connects Scandinavia’s leading social influencers and creators with advertising partners through effective AdSpace campaigns on YouTube and creative influencer marketing on all platforms. Each week, 29 million ads are shown within its premium network on YouTube.
Date of company foundation2005
Permanent employees250
Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin
Branch offices: Amsterdam, Milan, Paris