Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2020The Tragedy of MacbethFeature FilmKing Duncan [L]
    2017The Ballad of Buster ScruggsFeature FilmIrishman (The Mortal Remains) [L]
    2017Paddington 2Feature FilmKnuckles McGinty [L]
    2016Live by NightFeature FilmThomas Coughlin [SR]
    2016HampsteadFeature FilmDonald Horner [L]
    2016Mr. MercedesTV SeriesBill Hodges [SS]
    2015Assassin's Creed
    Roland Hemmo
    Feature FilmJoseph Lynch [SR]Roland Hemmo
    2015Alone in BerlinFeature FilmOtto Quangel [L]
    2013Sexual Healing (NOT COMPLETED) (WT)Feature FilmFreddy Cousaert [L]
    2013SuffragetteFeature FilmSteed [L]
    2013The Grand SeductionFeature FilmMurray French [L]
    2013In The Heart Of The SeaFeature FilmOld Thomas Nickerson [SR]
    2012The CupFeature FilmDermot Weld [L]
    2011The Company You KeepFeature FilmHenry Osborne [SR]
    2011Safe HouseFeature FilmDavid Barlow [L]
    2010Albert NobbsFeature FilmDr. Holloran [L]
    2010The RavenFeature FilmColonel Hamilton [L]
    2009The GuardFeature FilmSergeant Gerry Boyle [L]
    2007In Bruges
    Roland Hemmo
    Feature FilmKen [L]Roland Hemmo
    2004Breakfast on PlutoFeature FilmJohn Joe Kenny [SR]