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  • ABOUT ME - 01.2019 - R: David Segen - 2019


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  • DER KRIEG UND ICH - R: Matthias Zirzow - 2018 - SWR
  • POLIZISTIN, SELFTAPE OKT 2019 - R: selbst - 2019
  • ABOUT ME - 01.2019 - R: David Segen - 2019
  • THE WIND ON YOUR SKIN - R: Jana von Hase - 2018
  • LOSER GIRL, SELFTAPE OCT 2019 - R: selbst - 2019
  • THE CENTRE - ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE - R: Jana Eleanor Brückner - 2017
  • COMEDY - YOU´RE NOT MY MOM - R: selbst - 2016
  • WALKING ON SUNSHINE - R: Andreas Kopriva - 2018 - ORF
  • POLIZISTIN WIEN, SELFTAPE OKT 2019 - R: selbst - 2019
  • GESTÜT HOCHSTETTEN / TRAKEHNERBLUT - R: Christopher Schier - 2017 - Servus TV [at]
  • SOKO KITZBÜHEL - R: Michael 'Mike' Zens - 2015 - ORF, ZDF
  • VERDIN - (TITEL FEHLT) - R: Magda Targosz - 2016
  • SERENGETI PARK - A REASON TO BE GOOD - R: Dorian Lebherz - 2016
  • THE CENTRE - ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE - R: Jana Eleanor Brückner - 2017
  • FREAK CITY - R: Andreas Kannengießer - 2016
  • ROLLER - 44 JAHRE - R: Christiane Brunner Schwer - 2013
  • PENDING - R: Emmanuel Obi - 2013
  • HEITER BIS TÖDLICH - HUBERT UND STALLER - R: Jan Markus Linhof - 2012 - ARD, BR, Degeto, MDR
  • BRIDGES - R: Judith Becker - 2010
  • FRÜHLINGSERWACHEN - R: Anna Levinson - 2010
  • AUF BÖSEM BODEN - R: Peter Koller - 2006
  • DIE MAID VON HILLTOP MANOR - R: Andreas Dahn - 2004
  • DER HELLSEHER - R: Daniel Jäger - 2004
  • WILDE ENGEL - R: Matthias Tiefenbacher - 2002 - RTL


  • Kika/Arte: Jewish-Polish mother in award-winning "Kids of Courage"
    What does it mean to be a Child of War? The drama-series „Kids of Courage“ tells eight stories about children in WWII. Awarded European Television series for children!

    Birgit plays the mother of the lead character in "Romek from Poland".
    THSNK YOU to our wonderful team around director Matthias Zirzow and our amazing ensemble!

    Heartfelt congratulations for the "White Elephant"/Children Media Award in the category Best TV Production! The nomination "Japan Prize" (International Contest for Educational Media) and for the nomination International Emmy Award, category Kids Awards "TV Movie/Mini Series"✨!

    Link to German Mediathek:
  • Psychotherapist in Dramedy "Walking on Sunshine" - it is a wrap!
    Austrian dramedy series.

    Birgit played psychotherapist Antje Bacher in Season One for he first time. Filming for Season Two is done, two more episodes with Antje Bacher.

    Heartfelt Thanx to director Andreas Kopriva and our great team.
    Casting Director: Nicole Schmied
    Production company: DOR Film
  • Ärztin in namibisch-deutscher Webserie "The Wind on Your Skin"
    A community is shaken when a young woman is killed because of who she loves. But hateful acts can spark resistance.

    Birgit played Dr. Jessi Matthews and also co-directed episode 4 of the web series "The Centre".

    13 Official Festival Selections and Winner of 9 Awards (October 2019).

    European Screen Awards 2019, Winner Best European Upcoming Director (Birgit Stauber)
    London International Motion Picture Awards 2019, Winner Best Web Series
    Beyond Earth Film Festival 2019, Winner Best Web Series
    Golden Earth Film Festival 2019, Winner Best Web Series
    Vegas Movie Awards 2019, Winner Best Web Series
    Vegas Movie Awards 2019, Winner Woman Filmmaker (Naomi Beukes)
    Short Film Factory 2019, Winner
    Black International Film Festival Berlin 2019, Best Film/video on matters relating to the Black Experience/Marginalized People
    Indie Film Top Shorts 2019, Honorable Mention
    Thessaloniki International L.G.B.T.Q Film Festival 2019, Official Selection
    Lesflicks Film Festival 2019 UK, Official Selection
    Scottish Queer International Film Festival 2019, Official Selection
    Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2019, Official Selection
    Realtime International Film Festival 2019, Official Selection
  • Festivaltour for "Stolen"
    Short film drama inspired by the Stolen Babies Scandal (los niños robados).
    Birgit Stauber as Julia Thompson meeting her mom for the first time in her life.

    Top Indie Film Awards 2019 - Winner Best Writing, Nomination Best Short, Best Original Idea & Best Music
    The Romford Film Festival 2019, United Kingdom - Nominated Best Supporting Actress (Birgit Stauber), Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Eneko Sanz)
    World of Film International Festival Glasgow 2019, Scotland
    Goa Short Film Festival 2019, India
    ASA Humanitarian Film Festival 2019, Germany
    I Will Tell International Film Festival 2019
    Global Impact Film Festival 2019, USA
    Europe Now Film Festival 2019, Spain
    Pune Short Film Festival 2019, India
    Diversions International Short Film Festival 2019, Croatia
    International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival 2019, Turkey
    Social Short Film Awards 2019, Portugal
    Berlin Independent Festival 2019, Germany

About Birgit Stauber

Birgit Stauber spends her childhood mostly in the meadows and the woods – with tree climbing, mushroom quests and flower picking. The hoyden is disguised as Robin Hood or D´Artagnan, her horse is a glaring red BMX. She has her stage debut at an age of five, and she is nine years old when she watches the musical „Cats“. Two years later she directs and choreographes Cats in a gymnastic club – as a matter of fact she also plays and dances in it herself.
After an intense dance education she quits her studies in medicine in favor to studying musical theater. 1996 she writes, directs & choreographes her first musical show „Tell me Why“, in the same year she has her television debut as an actress playing a lead role.
She finishes her studies for directing musical theater with her musical show „t.o.r.n“ (writer, director, choreographer), wins the Rising Movie Talent Award for Acting and goes to Los Angeles to study acting at Eric Morris´.

Birgit Stauber has danced in dance companies, sung in musicals and played different parts in film, televison and commercials - with her lead role "Rabe" in the action comedy series "Wild Angels" she becomes known to the European audience. Her enthusiasm for musical films is enhanced with the Bollywood boom of the last years, 2005 she starts studying Kathak (Classical Indian dance). In the same year she launches her own film production company Leyendas (spanish name for legends) in Berlin.
Birgit´s love for storytelling is shown in her screenplays: the teenie love story "Freak City" (hearing Mika wants his ex-girlfriend back and falls in love with deaf Lea) wins a Wim Wenders scholarships in 2015. After primary filming in summer 2016, Birgit Stauber focusses again on her acting and directing work. In autumn 2016 she starts filming her 6th short film as a director.
Birgit Stauber´s artistic work is shown in the curiosity for and the depth in her characters, courage for vulnerability, sensitivity for rhythm, joy in touching, surprising and entertaining the audience - as well as deep love for life itself.

Member of Equity UK, German Television Academy and Austrian Film Academy.


2016/3 to 2017/3Greg Apps, Sydney (Online Training, 12 Months)
2015/3Greg Apps, Sydney (Mentoring Program, online)
2013Actors Space Berlin GbR (Mike Bernardin & Greta Amend, Meisner meets Playing Position)
2008 to 2013Petra Gallasch, Greta Amend, Karin Kleibel (personal Coaching, Workshops)
2004 to 2009Academ of Kathakdance, Berlin (Kathak (klass. indischer Tanz))
1998 to 1999HAW, Eric Morris Actors Studio, Los Angeles (Schauspiel)
1995/10 to 2000/5Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien (Musiktheaterregie)
1993/10 to 1995/6Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien (Musical)

Film awards

The Wind on your Skin
European Screen Awards [id]Best Upcoming European DirectorWinner
2019StolenThe Romford Film Festival [uk]Best Supporting ActressNominated
The Centre - Another Day in Paradise
IMDb Los Angeles Film Awards [us]Best Duo (December 17)Winner
The Centre - Another Day in Paradise
IMDb Actors Awards [us]Best Actress DramaWinner
On Evil Grounds
Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre [ar]Special Mention of JuryWinner
Wilde Engel
Romy [at]Shooting StarNominated


2017HIMPFF (Hollywood Int. Mov. Pict. Film Festival) / Winner Best Webisode "Another Day in Paradise"
2016Film Fest International / Best Short Film for "What to do with the Silence"
2015Wim Wenders Stipendium / comedy "Freak City", screenplay: Birgit Stauber, director: A. Kannengießer
2004Valencia Intl. Filmfestival / Silver moon for Gray Zone
2004Max Ophüls Filmfestival / Bester Film für Grauzone
2004BushoVision Intl. Shortfilmfestival / 1. Platz für Die Maid von Hilltop Manor
2003Taurus Award / Best Action in a foreign movie for Wild Angels
1998Rising Movie Talent Award / 1. Platz weiblich

Projects as actress

2019Walking on SunshineTV Series, ORF [at]MultipleAntje Bacher [SSR]
2019StolenShort FilmDean MarriottJulia Thompson [L]
2019Meiberger - Im Kopf des TätersTV Series, Servus TV [at]MultipleSarah Lang [SRE]
Freak City (WT)
Indie Feature FilmAndreas KannengießerSuse [SR]
Walking on Sunshine
TV Series, ORF [at]Andreas KoprivaAntje Bacher [LE]
Kids of Courage
Documentary Series, SWR [de]Matthias ZirzowHelena Krakowski [SRE]
2018A****engelküsse (WT)Teaser (Film Concept)Birgit StauberElla [GS]
2018Hello Au RevoirFeature FilmJason CrootVioletta Petrol [SR]
The Wind on your Skin
Series PilotJana von HaseDr. Jessi Matthews [L]
2018(L)OnlyShort FilmSimona TheoharovaTulip Easel [SR]
Gestüt Hochstetten / Trakehnerblut
TV Series, Servus TV [at]Christopher SchierMelanie Krakauer [SR]
The Centre - Another Day in Paradise
Short FilmJana Eleanor BrücknerDr Jessi [L]
2017Bild - 65 Jahre. Immer verlässlich (5 Spots)CommercialSven BollingerLisa [L]
2017Charisma (Webserie)SeriesSarah HarrisonPhyllida Gower [SR]
2016MairiMShort FilmLin HektoenShiva [SR]
Geschichte Mitteldeutschlands - Die Pest, die Angst und der Schatz von Erfurt
Documentary (Series), MDR [de]Gabriele RoseSarah [SR]
Verdin - Enzymixx, Complexx 2016
CommercialMagda TargoszGosia [L]
Serengeti Park - A Reason to be Good
CommercialDorian LebherzMutter [L]
SOKO Kitzbühel
TV Series, ORF [at], ZDF [de]MultipleAngelika Kreidl [LE]
2015What to do with the SilenceShort FilmEddy BallardiDr Jessi [L]

Theatre engagements

YearProduction nameRoleDirectorTheatre
2011Leonce und LenaRosettaMichael KlemmTheater Comédie Soleil
2011KindsmordSieRegina SchrottKosmos Theater Wien
2010 - 2013Rasa DaikoTänzerin/TrommlerinGatscha, Hack, Stauberdiverse
2010ChitraSolistin (indischer Tanz)Michael KlemmTheater Comédie Soleil
2007 - 2008Kathak DanceTänzerin (Kathak)Ioanna Srinivasandiverse, Deutschland
2004 - 2006KindsmordSieRegina Schrottdiverse, Deutschland
2004Baby with the BathwaterHelenBirgit StauberBrotfabrik, Berlin
2001Teenagers in Trouble (english)BiggyAnja Scollindiverse, Berlin
2000 - 2001Amok (english)CindyDetlef Wintzendiverse, Berlin
1999t.o.r.nBridgetBirgit StauberTheater der Vienna International School
1997 - 1998Kuckuck und KognakMarionErich PadalewskiTheater die Tribüne, Wien
1996Tell Me WhySieBirgit Stauber & Florian HuppmannTheater am Alsergrund, Wien
1996The GirlsTänzerin (Step), SolistinMichael WinklerTheater Center Forum, Wien
1995The Rocky Horror ShowSwingAndreas LachnitTheater am Hagen, Straubing
1994 - 1995Das FeuerwerkAnnaGerhard DorferStadttheater St. Pölten
1994 - 1995Into The WoodsRotkäppchenHelga WolfTheater Akzent, Wien
1993 - 1994Michael Seida & OrchestraTänzerin (Step)Michael Seidadiverse
1993MirandolinaGuiseppeMischa FernbachStadttheater Mödling

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2011 - Todayself-employmentSeminare / Corporate TrainingTrainerin, RollenspielerinSozialamt Salzburg, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Rolls Royce,...
2014FestivalAsterFest (Macedonian Short Film Festival)Member of the JuryAsterFest
2014EventWinterolympiade SochiSchauspiel/ModerationTirolwerbung

Basic data

Height158 cm
Weight52 kg - 114 lb.
Body typeathletic-sporty
Clothing size34/36
Ethnic appearanceEast European, White Central European
Hair colourbrown
Hair lengthlong
Eye colourgreen-brown
LanguagesEnglish (Fluent), French (Basic knowledge), German (Native speaker), Hindi (Basic knowledge), Spanish (Basic knowledge)
DialectsAmerican (Standard), Carinthian (Native dialect), Viennese (Native dialect)
Voice typeMezzosoprano
SingingMusical (Professional)
Instrumentsdrums (Professional), guitar (Good)
Skills (dance)Ballet (Good), Bollywood Dances (Professional), Classical Indian dance (Professional), Hip Hop (Good), Jazzdance (Good), Latin-American (Good), Standard (Good), Tap Dance (Good)
Skills (sports)capoeira (Good), horseback riding (Good), inline skating (Good), stand-up paddling (Good), swimming (Good), tennis (Good), volleyball (Good), yoga (Good)
Special skillsKathak (Classical Indian Dance)
Taiko (Japanese Drums)
Experience abroadCentral America: Dominican Republic
Eastern Europe: Russia
South Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Southeast Asia: Pakistan, Thailand
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], B (car) [eu], diving licence - PADI Open Water [int], DRSA - Deutsches Rettungsschwimmerabzeichen [de]
Further referencesScreenwriter
since 2018 Board Member of Pro Quote Film, Germany
Corporate Player
Preferred place of workFilm & Television
Music Film
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
2nd residence (where applicablen)Wien
Accommodation possibilitiesCologne, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, Munich, Vienna