Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019200 MetersFeature FilmMustafa [L]
    2019The RiverIndie Feature Filmn.a. [L]
    2018It Must Be HeavenFeature FilmBrother in the restaurant (Nazareth) [SR]
    2016KaçışIndie Feature FilmCabir [L]
    2014ZinzanaFeature FilmDbaan [L]
    2014From A to BFeature FilmSyrian Army Officer [L]
    2014Flying HomeFeature FilmSheikh [SR]Karim Chamlali
    2013Dancing ArabsIndie Feature FilmSalah [L]
    2012The AttackFeature FilmAmin Jaafari [L]
    2007Pomegranates and MyrrhFeature FilmKais [SR]