Projects saved at Crew United

    2022The Palace (WT)Feature Filmcomposer
    2022Father & SoldierFeature Filmcomposer
    2022PinocchioFeature Film, Netflixcomposer
    2021HimFeature Filmcomposer
    2021Asteroid City (WT)Feature Filmcomposer
    2021Final CutFeature Filmcomposer
    2020EiffelFeature Filmcomposer
    2019Adults in the RoomFeature Filmcomposer
    2019The French DispatchFeature Filmcomposer
    2019The Midnight SkyTV Movie, Netflixcomposer
    2019An Officer and a SpyFeature Filmcomposer
    2017The CommandFeature Filmcomposer
    2017The Sisters BrothersFeature Filmcomposer
    2017Operation FinaleFeature Filmcomposer
    2016Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsFeature Filmcomposer
    2016SuburbiconFeature Filmcomposer
    2016American PastoralFeature Filmcomposer
    2016Based on a True StoryFeature Filmcomposer
    2016The Shape of WaterFeature Filmcomposer
    2016Isle of DogsFeature Filmcomposer