HERZlichen glückWUNSCH | ©Maximilian Leinfelder
©Maximilian Leinfelder
Short Film | 2019 | Drama | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting02.07.2019
End of shooting11.07.2019
Number of shooting days10

Project data

Length of movie30'

Brief synopsis

A person you love is about to die. She needs a heart donorship. How far would you go to find this new heart? Our protagonist and father HENDRIK has found a match for his daughter, but has to pay a high price - on the one hand money and on the other hand his moral and honor.

In what way will this decision affect his life?


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Yasemin CetinkayaSara [L]
Florian KleineHendrik Schreiber [L]
Burak YigitEddi [L]
Anthony ArndtJacob [SR]
Timo JacobsDöring [SR]
Lucia JeffersonIsabella [SR]
Kai LentrodtDr. Nowak [SR]
Carsten ZoltanSebastian [SR]


Director of photographyPhilippe Windfuhr
1st assistant cameraEmanuel Sträßner
2nd assistant cameraMelissa Sadowski
Still photographerClaudius Eisentraut
DirectorMaximilian F. Leinfelder
1st AD (local system)Franziska Doll
GafferMaximilian Martin
ElectricianLevi Stute
ElectricianJonas Woldt
Associate producerFlorian Kleine
Production designerVictoria Shved
Assistant production designerXenia Wissing
Assistant production managerFranziska Doll
Unit managerFranziska Doll
Set manager/ floor managerQuentin Federau
Production assistantJulia Seyock
Production driverShervin Heitmann
Production driverJakob Ustrop
ScreenwriterMaximilian F. Leinfelder
Script consultantCüneyt Kaya
Production sound mixerMarcel S. Behrens
Boom operatorJohannes Buchholz

Production companies

Glückwunschfilm, Maximilian Leinfelder [de]