Short Film | 2000

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Brief synopsis

2030. A push at the wrong button on the hyper space module has unexpected conse-quences for the two astronauts Franz Daxenberger and Dirk Mandelbrot. They find themselves on Aldebaran 9, a planet around 23,000 light years from earth, where they are put into a zoo together with their spaceship 'Stoiber'. While the two humans beings are trying to repair their spaceship the zoo director believes to have found a rare sample of a male and a female and tries to stimulate their reproduction...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Uwe RohdeDirk Mandelbrot [L]
 Elmar WepperFranz Daxenberger [L]


director of photographyJan Fehse
director Werner Kranwetvogel
storyboard artist Boris Kiselicki
electrician Oliver Bauer
producerClaudia Gatzke
associate producerNina Maag
production designer Jörg Andersch
concept artist Boris Kiselicki
standby props Babett Pönisch
production assistantGeorg Thorwarth
production sound mixer Thorsten Bolzé
boom operator Kristofer Harris
puppets makerSaskia StoewerPraktikant

Production companies



Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
 Werner Kranwetvogel2000First Steps AwardBester KurzfilmNominated
 Werner Kranwetvogel2002Prädikat wertvollPrädikatWinner