A Quintet

  • Remember Me Berlin (Working title)
Indie Feature Film | 2013-2014 | Series Of Episodes | Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Lebanon, Switzerland

Shooting data

Start of shooting25.10.2013
End of shooting31.12.2013


  • REMEMBER ME BERLIN - R: Elie Lamah - 2013


Brief synopsis

5 young filmmakers with different cultural backgrounds tell 5 stories of people in various countries and walks of life who meet and overcome and bring down the inner walls in their lives.

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 David BertonRami Halal [L]
 Michel DiercksChristian (A Quintet) [L]
 Anne WernerAnne [L]
 Jules ArmanaBinyamin [SR]
 Karim Cherif
Matthias [SR]
 Thomas KellnerEhud [SR]
 Lutz LansemannGroßvater (Telefonroulette) [BP]


Camera Departmentdirector of photography Patrick JasimFalling Dervish
Castingcasting director Deborah CongiaEpisode "Friend Request"
Costume Departmentcostume designer Teresa GrosserPhone Roulette
Director's DepartmentdirectorAriel ShabanThe Tourist
Director's DepartmentdirectorSanela SalketicThe House in The Envelope
Director's DepartmentdirectorElie LamahFriend Request
Director's DepartmentdirectorRoberto CuzzilloPolaroid
Director's DepartmentdirectorMauro MüllerThe Cuddle Workshop
Editingeditor Christian BrechtFalling Dervish
Gripkey/dolly grip Christoffer SchulzPhone Roulette