Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Somat - The Amazing Four (WT)Commercialdirector
    2020Persil - 4 Chambers of CleanCommercialdirector
    2019A Song of an Unknown ActressDocumentarydirector
    2019Trivago - Bachelorette, Stay at Home Dad, Business Meeting, DoctorCommercialdirector
    2019The Sims - How Do You Play With Life?Commercialdirector
    2019mömax - Ausmalen (WT)Commercialdirector
    2019mömax - Schwein gehabt (WT)Commercialdirector
    2019mömax - Küche/Hausfrau Mia (WT)Commercialdirector
    2019mömax - Prospekt (WT)Commercialdirector
    2019mömax - Großeinkauf (WT)Commercialdirector
    2019mömax - Bett (WT)Commercialdirector
    2018Trivago - Studentin, Senior (2 Spots) (WT)Commercialdirector
    2018Trivago - Airport, Guitarist (2 Spots)Commercialdirector
    2018Trivago - Business Man, Organizer (2 Spots)Commercialdirector
    2018Expert - WM. Mehmet SchollCommercialdirector
    2018HD+ - Van Gogh, Formel 1, Cheerleader, PromiCommercialdirector
    2018Trivago - Babymoon (mehrere Spots)Commercialdirector
    2018A Song of an Unknown ActressDocumentaryeditor
    2017Tchibo - Xmas Kampagne 2017Commercialdirector
    2017Möbel Roller - Herbstkampagne (mehrere Spots)Commercialdirector