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Watchmen Productions GmbH [de]: TV Production, Production Company, commercial production, service production
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Eddie Chebbi
Sch÷nhauser Allee 4210435  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 44312280
Fax+49 30 44312288

    About Watchmen Productions GmbH [de]

    Watchmen Productions is a Berlin-based production company for commercials, TV, documentaries and feature films.

    Known for

    Movies as production

    2023Maysoon (WT)Feature FilmNancy Biniadaki
    2023My Favourite Cake (WT)Feature FilmBehtash Sanaeeha
    2022Amazon - Peak 2022. 90 LanguagesCommercialFlorian Linke
    2022DB Cargo - Flying TrucksCommercialAndres Eguiguren
    2022PŸUR - Wir verbinden Euch. Mit Internet, HDTV und TelefonCommercialPet & Flo (aka Peter Göltenboth & Florian Giefer)
    2021Albion Online - Out Now on MobileCommercialChristopher Zitterbart
    2021Mariner of the MountainsDocumentary FeatureKarim Aïnouz
    2021Tudum - A Global Fan EventTV-Event, NetflixBianca Swartz
    2021JobLeads MasterClass TrailerCommercialChristopher Zitterbart
    2021Nightride Berlin - Exclusive Mix by Alex NiggemannCorporate FilmBenjamin Roth
    2021Cisco - Meet MedibusCommercialPet & Flo (aka Peter Göltenboth & Florian Giefer)
    2021Cisco - Trusted WorkplaceCommercialPet & Flo (aka Peter Göltenboth & Florian Giefer)
    2021Hyundai x BTS - HydrogenCommercialKo Han Gi
    2020Nardjes A.DocumentaryKarim Aïnouz
    2020Albion - QueenTrailerChristopher Zitterbart
    2019Trivago - The smart way to find great hotel deals (several spots)CommercialPet & Flo (aka Peter Göltenboth & Florian Giefer)
    2019Hyundai - GrandeurCommercialKo Han Gi
    2019Religion of SportsDocumentary SeriesGotham Chopra
    2019Mazda CX30 - How has the all-new Mazda been designed for familiesCommercialStuart Hackshaw
    2019Trivago - Multi Mr. TrivagoCommercialFlorian Kiefer


    Company data

    Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: New Zealand
    Central Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland
    North Africa: Egypt
    North America: USA
    East Asia: China
    Eastern Europe: Ukraine
    South Africa: Namibia, South Africa
    South America: Brazil
    South Asia: India
    Southern Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain
    Southeastern Europe: Cyprus, Greece
    West Asia: Bahrain
    Western Europe: Belgium, England, France
    Date of company foundation2004
    Company historyWatchmen Productions is a Berlin-based production company for commercials, TV, documentaries and feature films.

    Watchmen produces films by strong authors and directors whose material is characterized by a strong artistic signature and political, social relevance. Due to the international character, the projects are mostly co-productions.

    Recent projects include the Cannes premiere MARINER OF THE MOUNTAINS (Brazil/France/Germany) and the documentary NARDJES A. (Algeria/France/Germany/Brazil/Qatar), which premiered in the Berlinale 2020 Panorama, both directed by Karim A´nouz, also (M)OTHER by Antonia Hungerland (2018 DOK Leipzig), THE SURFACE OF THINGS by Nancy Biniadaki (2017) and FUTURO BEACH (Brazil/Germany 2014) by Karim A´nouz, which premiered at the Berlinale in competition.

    Watchmen also acts as a production service provider for clients around the world, delivering high-quality film and photo services for advertising, film and television shoots. Clients include Apple, Converse, Hyundai, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung and many more.
    Permanent employees4
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin