Feature Film | 2020-2022 | Belgium, France
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    Brief synopsis

    Clermont-Ferrand, central France. Médéric (35) meets and falls in love with middle-aged sex worker Isadora, who is married. When the city center is the scene of a terrorist attack, Selim, a young, homeless guy, provokes a wave of paranoia by taking refuge in Médéric’s building. Sympathizing with Selim, crazy about Isadora, Mederic’s life suddenly turns into a mess.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Noémie Lvovskyn.a. [L]
    Jean-Charles Clichetn.a. [L]
    Ilyès Kadrin.a. [L]
    Renaud Ruttenn.a. [L]
    Doria Tilliern.a. [L]


    DirectorAlain Guiraudie
    GripSaïd Chtaibirenfort
    ProducerCharles Gillibert
    ScreenwriterAlain Guiraudie
    ScreenwriterLaurent Lunetta
    Boom operatorMarie Mougel

    Production companies

    CG Cinéma [fr]
    Arte France Cinéma [fr]
    Umedia [be]

    Distributing companies

    Les Films du Losange [fr]