Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Rubas Geheimnis (aka Poussière d'enfance / A Girl Made of Dust / Fromelles) (WT)Feature Film
    2021Autobiography (WT)Feature Filmwold sales
    2021Tom Médina (WT)Feature FilmFrance (theatrical) & World Sales
    2020UndineFeature Film
    2020My Best PartFeature Film
    2020Suzanna AndlerFeature Film
    2020White Building (WT)Feature Film
    2019UndineFeature Film
    2019Oskar and Lily - Where No One Knows UsFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019The RiverIndie Feature Film
    2019Burning GhostFeature FilmDistribution France & World Sales
    2018Lola and the Sea (WT)Feature FilmDistribution France
    2018Bergman Island (WT)Feature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018Joan of ArcFeature FilmDistribution France
    2018ParticlesFeature Film
    2018MayaFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018The AuditionFeature FilmDistribution France & International Sales
    2017Treasure IslandDocumentary FeatureDistribution France
    2017TransitFeature FilmFrankreich
    2017Memoir of WarFeature FilmDistribution France