Projects as producer

    2020Tel Aviv – BeirutFeature FilmMichale Boganimco-production
    2019The Grave Digger (WT)Feature FilmKhadar Ahmed
    2019The Man Who Sold His Skin / L'Homme qui avait vendu sa peau (WT)Feature FilmKaouther Ben Hanjaco-production
    2018WerewolfFeature FilmAdrian PanekKoproduktion
    2016Happy BirthdayIndie Feature FilmChristos GeorgiouKoproduzent
    2015Soy NeroFeature FilmRafi Pitts
    2015ElleFeature FilmPaul VerhoevenKoproduzent
    2015Inshallah Istafadit / Blessed BenefitFeature FilmMahmoud al Massad
    2015Ma LouteFeature FilmBruno Dumont
    2014AnFeature FilmNaomi KawaseTwenty Twenty Vision
    2013Mita Tova / The Farewell PartyFeature FilmTal GranitKoproduktion
    2010InvasionFeature FilmDito Tsintsadze
    2009AjamiFeature FilmMultiple
    2009Lost DogShort FilmSylvie Michel Casey
    2008RestlessFeature FilmAmos Kollek
    2008Shekarchi / The HunterFeature FilmRafi Pitts
    2007Small Crime / Mikro eglimaFeature FilmChristos Georgiou
    2006The DrummerFeature FilmKenneth Bi
    2005Rich BrotherDocumentary, ZDF [de]Insa Onken
    2002Mein Name ist BachFeature FilmDominique de Rivaz

    Company data

    Experience abroadMiddle East: Iran, Israel, Jordan
    North America: Mexico, USA
    East Asia: China, Japan
    Eastern Europe: Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine
    Southern Europe: Greece, Italy
    Southeast Asia: Indonesia
    Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland
    Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan
    Date of company foundation1998
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin