The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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    Feature Film | 2016-2017 | Drama | France, Japan

    Shooting data

    LocationsLa Ciotat, Marseille, Grasse, Cabris, Lac de St Cassien, Mouans-Sartoux

    Project data

    Length of movie1 h 43 min


    Brief synopsis

    South of France. Present day. Jean, an actor caught up in the past, learns that his current film shoot is unexpectedly suspended for an indefinite period. He takes this opportunity to visit an old friend and settles, clandestinely, into an abandoned house where it happened that Juliette, the great love of his life, once lived. A group of young friends, novice filmmakers, stumble upon the same house and decide it’s the perfect location for their next home-made horror movie. Jean and the kids will meet face to face, sooner or later.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Jean-Pierre LéaudJean [L]
    Pauline ÉtienneJuliette [L]
    Maud WylerCéline [SR]
    Arthur HarariPhilippe [SR]
    Isabelle WeingartenMarie [SR]
    Noë SampyYuki [SR]
    Jean-Louis BerardClaude [SR]
    Louis-Do de LencquesaingLe réalisateur [SR]
    Jules LangladeLes enfants [SR]
    Tom CuccuredduLes enfants [SR]
    Adrien BianchiLes enfants [SR]
    Louis BianchiLes enfants [SR]
    Romain MatheyLes enfants [SR]
    Mathis NicolleLes enfants [SR]
    Coline Pichon-Le MaîtreLes enfants [SR]
    Emmanuelle Pichon-Le MaîtreLes enfants [SR]
    Rafèle GelblatLes enfants [SR]
    Lou-Ann Mazeau-GuegenLes enfants [SR]
    Françoise MichaudFrançoise [BP]


    1st ADInès de la Bévière
    Director of photographyTom Harari
    Casting directorMarion Touitou
    Costume designerAgnès Giudicelli
    DirectorNobuhiro Suwa
    EditorMartial Salomon
    ComposerOlivier Marguerit
    ProducerYûji SadaiBitters End
    ProducerMichiko YoshitakeFilm-in-evolution
    ProducerJérôme DopfferLes Productions Balthazar
    Production designerThomas Grézaud
    Production managerAlain Mone
    Unit managerBruno Ghariani
    Production sound mixerFlorent Klockenbring
    Sound re-recording mixerEmmanuel Croset

    Distributing companies

    Shellac [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 03/01/2018