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    Feature Film | 2022-2024 | Disaster, Drama, Survival, Thriller | France

    Brief synopsis

    Julia and her loving husband celebrate her son’s birthday on their boat in the middle of the ocean. When a violent storm nearly capsizes them, the family awakes in a desert land. Earth has undergone a tragic polarity reversal, draining water from the oceans. After her husband’s death, Julia must save her children in a world where hungry creatures from the abyss hunt for fresh flesh!


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Andreas PietschmannTom [L]
    Émilie DequenneJulia [L]
    Lisa DelamarCassie [SR]
    Lucas EbelBen [SR]
    Arben BajraktarajMan with the harpoon [SR]
    Olivier Ho-Hio-HenNao [SR]
    Simon RérolleAdam [SR]


    1st ADMichaël Viger
    Director of photographyPierre Aïm
    Casting directorMartin Rougier
    Costume designerElisabeth Bornuat
    DirectorFrédéric Jardin
    Script supervisorClémentine Oudot
    EditorReynald Bertrand
    EditorCamille Toubkis
    ComposerNicolas Errèra
    ProducerMarc Stanimirovic
    ProducerMarc-Étienne Schwartz
    ProducerJean-Yves Robin
    Co-producerCédric Iland
    Co-producerBastien Sirodot
    Production designerPierre Quefféléan
    Line producerLudovic Naar
    Unit manager (local system)Jaouad Chajai
    ScreenwriterMatt Alexander
    Production sound mixerThomas Lascar
    Sound re-recording mixerMathieu Cox
    Sound editorDavid Vranken

    Production companies

    M.E.S. Productions [fr]
    Monkey Pack Films [fr]

    Distribution / Sales companies

    Ginger & Fed [fr]
    KMBO [fr]
    WTFilms [fr]

    Cinema releases and premieres

    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 19/06/2024