Sunny | ©Anja Blees
©Anja Blees
Indie Feature Film | 2019-2021 | Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting05/08/2019
End of shooting17/08/2019
LocationsKöln, Eifel

Brief synopsis

A sci-fi/horror feature about a couple finding themselves in a world that no longer exists as we know.

In the near future, an implanted microchip has replaced nearly all smart watches and cell phones.

Sunny and Ray are spending a weekend getaway in the woods as a huge solar eruption destroys all systems of communication, navigation and electricity. The electromagnetic impact causes extreme and dangerous psychological behavior among "the chipped". Sunny and Ray - who aren’t chipped yet - are faced with a dangerous journey. Is the city safer than the untamed wilderness? Will the unexpected challenges allow Sunny to rise above herself?



ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Ashley LenzSunny [L]
Aaron J. RomeRay [L]
Mirijam Verena JeremicLiz [L]
Martin GeisenLenny [L]
Tom KeuneBrother Monk [SR]
Madeleine KrakorKaren Jansen [SR]
Jörg Vincent MalotkiBerthold Meyer [SR]
Melik KauffmannUwe in jung [BP]


Director of photographyJulia Baumann [1]
Gimbal system operatorSascha Kaiser5 DT, ronin 2 + red dragon + UP
Steadicam operatorAlexander Pauckner
1st assistant cameraKirsten EschmannA-Cam
1st assistant cameraMaximilian PrinzB-Cam, ronin2 + red dragon, Steadicam
2nd assistant cameraReetta Pessa
Costume designerEsther Meseria Wagner
DirectorSilke Christina Engler
Script supervisorLarissa Matejovsky
GafferAlex Bauscher
Lighting technician / electricianFelix Buchholz
ComposerHelmut Zerlett
ComposerAnneli Bentler
ScreenwriterSilke Christina Engler

Production companies

Lucid Films Production [de]


Vehicles and aircraftsMannis-GarageSpielfahrzeuge inklusive Setbetreuung