Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Mike Singer (Web-Dokuserie)Documentary Series
    2018Boys Noize - Purgatory (Amazon Beat)Music Video
    2018Ubisoft - Assassins Creed. OdysseyCommercial
    2018Sony - Gof of War. Become KratosCommercial
    2018Seat - Mobil World Congress. Follow me aroundCommercial
    2017#DeineWahl (Webshow)TV-Show, YouTube
    2017Die Funk WahlgemeinschaftTV-Event, Funk [de]
    2017Sony Pictures - ConCrafter. Spiderman Homecoming (Internetfilm)Image Film
    2017PlayNationTVWeb Magazine
    2017Guten Morgen Internet!TV Magazine, Funk [de]
    2017Studiocanal - Go Go Power Rangers (4 Teaser)Teaser
    2017LeFloid vs The World (Web-Dokuserie)Series
    2016PlayNationTVWeb Magazine
    2016Amazon Prime Talks mit David Hain & LieblingsfilmWeb Magazine, Amazon Video
    2016Amazon Prime Talks - Shannara ChroniclesWeb Magazine, Amazon Video
    2016CoD Call of Duty - Freundschaftsspiel (Web-Show Livestream)TV-Event
    2016Game Fnatic - Search for a LegendDocumentary Series
    2016CokeTV MomentsDocumentary Series
    2016Amazon Prime - Fear the Walking Dead (5 Filme)Trailer
    2015CokeTV MomentsDocumentary Series