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    Movies saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    Lenore Osgood [SS]
    TV Series, NetflixLenore Osgood [SS]
    2019The New Pope
    undisclosed [GS]
    Limited series, HBO [us]undisclosed [GS]
    2017Running Wild
    Meredith Parish [L]
    Independent Feature FilmMeredith Parish [L]
    2016A Little Something for Your Birthday
    Senna Berges [L]
    Feature FilmSenna Berges [L]
    2016Mothers and Daughters
    Nina [L]
    Feature FilmNina [L]
    2015Life on the Line
    Duncan's Mother [SR]
    Feature FilmDuncan's Mother [SR]
    2015Agent X
    Natalie Maccabee [SS]
    TV Series, [TNT Serie] [de]Natalie Maccabee [SS]
    2015Restylane - Proof IRL (Sharon Stone)
    selbst [L]
    Commercialselbst [L]
    2014Alain Afflelou - Sharon Stone
    Herself [L]
    CommercialHerself [L]
    2012What About Love
    Linda Tarlton [L]
    Feature FilmLinda Tarlton [L]
    2010Largo Winch II - The Burma Conspiracy
    Diane Francken [L]
    Feature FilmDiane Francken [L]
    2008$5 a Day
    Dolores Jones [L]
    Feature FilmDolores Jones [L]
    2007When a Man Falls in the Forest
    Karen Fields [L]
    Feature FilmKaren Fields [L]
    Miriam [L]
    Feature FilmMiriam [L]
    1999Picking Up the Pieces
    Candy Cowley [L]
    Feature FilmCandy Cowley [L]
    Dr. Elizabeth 'Beth' Halperin [L]
    Feature FilmDr. Elizabeth 'Beth' Halperin [L]